Which Musical Should You Watch Next?

If you love musicals and the theater, then I'm sure you've often been at a loss for what to see next, since there are just so many incredibly wonderful stage performances out there! Thankfully, we've come up with this quiz, which will help you select the musical which is best-suited for you, based on your unique personality. Give it a go, you won't regret it!
Little Red Riding Hood
Which of these fairy tales do you like the most?
Beauty and the Beast
The Little Mermaid
Little Red Riding Hood
The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Hansel and Gretel
Airplane at sunrise
Where would you most like to go on vacation?
Moulin Rouge exterior
Chicago by night
River inside jungle
baby monkey on mother's back
Are you an animal lover?
happy cute dog
sad brown puppy
abstract blue artwork
Which of these is your favorite pattern?
futuristic city architecture
close-up of palm leaf
abstract monochrome artwork
raindrops on glass
peacock close-up
colorful rolled-up carpets
lots of red roses
Which looks like the best way of spending a romantic moment with someone?
couple cooking together
bride eating at a fancy restaurant
couple kissing in nature
couple watching TV
people of the world in front of globe
What do you value most in others?
Statue of Liberty coming through clouds
How do you feel about discussing politics?
I can't get enough of it!
No thanks! Keep all talk of politics far away from me!
It's OK every once in a while!
girls making heart sign at beach
Which quote best describes your outlook on life?
Let the beauty of what you love be what you do - Rumi
It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog - Mark Twain
A day without laughter is a day wasted - Charlie Chaplin
Life is either a great adventure or nothing - Helen Keller
police car
What is your attitude towards authority?
It should be respected at all times.
It can only lead to corruption.
Rules were made to be broken.
musical score
Which of these instruments sounds the most pleasant to your ears?
piano close-up
church organ
violin close-up
The Lion King
The Lion King on stage
Get ready for a rumble in the jungle, as the next musical you'll be watching is The Lion King! Featuring plenty of timeless classics, such as Elton John's 'Circle of Life' and 'Can You Feel the Love Tonight?' there's a good reason why The Lion King went on to become the highest-earning title in box office history for both movies and stage productions.
Mamma Mia!
Mamma Mia! on stage
Get ready for a romantic adventure in paradise, as the next musical you'll be watching is Mamma Mia! Based on ABBA's upbeat classics, this feisty little musical is perfect for a hopeless romantic like yourself, or anyone who feels like having a care-free laugh or two. Featuring hit songs such as, 'Dancing Queen,' 'Thank You for the Music,' and 'The Winner Takes It All,' what's not to love?
Cats musical
Get ready to make a bunch of furry friends, as the next musical you'll be watching is Cats! With an outstanding score by Andrew Lloyd Webber and choreography by the renowned Gillian Lynne, Cats is ideal for anyone with a ripe sense of adventure, or for animal lovers in general. If you can't make it to a theater any time soon, then you should take a look at the 1998 made-for-TV movie.
The Phantom of the Opera
The Phantom of the Opera
Get ready to embrace the dark side of the theater, as the next musical you'll be watching is The Phantom of the Opera. One of Andrew Lloyd Webber's many masterpieces, this incredible musical was the most financially successful box office title for almost 20 years, until The Lion King surpassed it in 2014. Brimming with mystery and emotion, The Phantom's guaranteed to keep you hooked until the very end!
Chicago musical
Get ready for a night of decadent pleasure, as the next musical you'll be watching is Chicago! This fantastic satire on corruption and celebrity criminals is the longest-ever running American musical in the history of Broadway. Featuring a mesmerizing score by John Kander and highly-energetic choreography by Bob Fosse, this certainly isn't one to miss! If you can't make it to a theater any time soon, then you should check out the 2002 movie, which went on to win an Academy Award for Best Picture.
Les Mis?rables
Les Mis?rables on stage
Get ready for one heck of a revolution, as the next musical you'll be watching is Les Mis?rables. Featuring an outstanding score by Claude-Michel Sch?nberg, it's London production has being run continuously since 1985, making it West End's longest-running musical ever. Anyone who's interested in justice, politics, or even just a great story, should certainly check this one out!
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