What Kind of Charisma Do You Have?

Do you think charisma is something you’re born with – meaning you either have it or you don’t? If we’d ask you to explain what charisma is, it may be difficult to give an exact definition, because there isn’t one kind of charisma, but rather a few, and in fact, each of us has charisma of a different kind. Want to know what your charisma is? Answer the following 11 questions and at the end, you’ll find out what charisma you have and what it means about you.
A hugging couple
From what others say, what is most appealing about you?
My smile
My eyes
My voice
My big heart
My body movements
I'm not sure...
A woman with her arms spread sideways in front of a wall of flowers
From what others have told you, what is your best trait?
Sense of humor
A man making a funny face
Do people usually understand your sense of humor?
Yes, it is subtle but everyone picks up on it
No, I don’t think I have a sense of humor
Yes, but mostly I say things in honesty and not in humor
Yes, and I try as much as possible to avoid hurting others
Sometimes, not always
Depends on the person
Two pebbles with sunglasses
What nickname would you most likely call someone else?
Something related to their external appearance - for example, "blue eyes" or "my beautiful"
Something cute - for example "Baby" or "honey"
Something that may seem rude to someone on the outside
Something neutral - like "bro" or "buddy"
Each of the people close to me has their own nickname
Clothes hanging
What do you usually wear when you go to an event?
Something that highlights the good parts of my body
Something striking that can’t be missed
Something official that fits the type of event
Something that doesn’t take away attention from the person organizing the event
Something simple - sometimes even everyday clothes
A man looking at his watch
In your opinion, is it okay to be “fashionably late?”
As long as I bring a bottle of wine with me, it makes up for it
Of course
I don’t think it's okay
It depends on the type of event
As long as you have a good excuse, then yes
Colored pencils dipped in water
Choose your favorite color from the following:
A table set with champagne glasses
What is the best way to make an unforgettable entrance?
Come with a famous date
Come dressed to the nines with full hair and makeup
You just have to be who you are
I don’t know - I personally prefer not to grab all the attention
Come dressed in an outfit that makes a statement that’s hard to ignore
A woman shouting with a megaphone at two men
What makes you become loud and noisy?
When I’m telling a story
When I'm happy
When I have to tell others what to do
When something really makes me laugh
I'm not a loud person
A baby with a hat on his head
Do you think charisma is something you are born with or something that can be learned?
You can learn how to be charismatic, but it's hard
It is something that exists in a person naturally from the moment they are born
It is something that develops over time
Everyone has a different kind of charisma - no one is not charismatic
You can learn how to be charismatic easily
Silhouettes of people
Which of the following would you most like to work in if money wasn’t a factor?
Interior designer or fashion designer
A researcher of cultures or nature
Director of a large company or a senior commander in the army
Personal Empowerment Coach or Spiritual Guide
Standup comedian or writer
Charming charisma
A smiling woman
Anyone who meets you would say that you’re charming, and not just. You create a warm atmosphere around you, with great self-confidence, and you exert tranquility on all those around you, sometimes with only a smile. You also have a wit that grabs everyone's attention, and you know how to make people feel good about themselves, no matter how self-confident they already are.
Bold charisma
A man wearing a cowboy hat
What makes other people attracted to you is your attitude, which basically allows you to not care what others think of you. That's because it's refreshing to be with someone as bold as you, who can say whatever comes to mind freely. The reason people respect you is that you are 100% real with everyone you meet and just let yourself be who you are, even if it may cause some people to raise a brow.
Powerful charisma
A man in a suit
You are undoubtedly a born leader with a presence that is hard to ignore, and you provide others with inspiration to act and even follow you with their eyes closed. You probably speak eloquently and clearly which is why people who hear your words are sure you're telling the truth. You are a very determined person and a natural born leader in your workplace or in any other environment in which you are a member.
Flattering charisma
A woman breathes on her flowers
Flattering charisma doesn’t mean that you’re a suck-up, but that you simply have the ability to always see the good in people instead of their negative side. You make others feel good about themselves because of who they are, and sometimes even reveal in their personalities aspects they weren’t aware of. You try to instill joy and happiness in the heart of every person you meet which is why people like to be with you.
Mesmerizing charisma
A woman's eyes
When you open your mouth to talk, people look at you with admiration and respect. Whether it's your developed imagination, your self-expression or your ability to tell stories in a fascinating way - you're a fun person to listen to. You can entertain others for hours with conversations on unconventional issues that make your friends open their eyes and minds to things they never before thought about.
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