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Each of us has moments when we fall into negative feelings, and no matter what they may be, they are usually destructive. Whether it is anger, negativity, jealousy or fear, such feelings and the thoughts that accompany them drag us down into an abyss that is very difficult to get out of, but as long as you are aware of the negative feeling that takes over you in difficult moments, you can avoid it later on. Answer the following questions and find out what negative reaction is taking over your life and harming you. Once you know it you can make a significant difference in your life that will improve it in many surprising ways...
A big wave in the ocean
When you stand in front of a stormy sea, what word pops in your head?
A dark mountain landscape
Which word best describes your feelings of this picture?
Another option
Silhouette of a woman with her arms to the sides
What do you see in this picture?
Someone pretending to be happy
A day that is over
A lonely woman
A dark picture
None of the options
Natural view
If you were alone in a place like this, what would you feel?
Black hole
Where does this white light lead?
Total freedom
The end of everything
The unknown
A man standing in front of a landscape that looks like a gateway to another world
If you were offered to run away from this world to another world without the possibility of returning, would you accept?
A man with his head in his hands
Which of the following situations most negatively affects your feelings?
An argument with another person
A painted woman hiding her face with her hand
Select the color that most negatively affects your emotions
A man in a suit ties a tie
What is your motivation for success?
A desire to leave my mark on the world
A tunnel leading to an exit with light
What do you choose - to follow the light or stay in the shadows?
Go after the light
Stay in the shadows
woman with smoke coming out of her ears
You sometimes tend to succumb to impulsive anger that makes you act in a way that doesn’t benefit you or the people around you. Anger builds up in the body slowly until it erupts, so you should be aware of its flow in your body and channel its energy to other, more positive things. If you learn to control your anger, you will feel happier in your daily life and your relationships with the people you care about will improve.
man with face in his hands
Negativity, as opposed to positivity, steals energy from us. You should begin to try to get rid of the thoughts that make it difficult for you to act or at least be aware that these are pernicious thoughts that do not benefit anyone. Of course, it is easier said than done, but if you notice that you are a negative person rather than a positive one, it’s very worthwhile to try to smile- even if you don’t genuinely feel like it – it will help change the way you think.
shadows of woman looking at a couple kissing
You have a "little green monster" in your head that whispers in your ear words you don’t necessarily want to hear. Envy is a toxic feeling that is very difficult to avoid at times, but you must make an effort not to listen to it. When you feel that you are not satisfied with your life and that your neighbor's grass is greener, try relaxation techniques such as yoga that help to relieve such feelings. At the same time, try to compare yourself only to who you were in the past and not to other people.
a man walking into fog with a scary figure looming in the background
Sometimes fear takes over you, but you must learn how to control it. Fear can make you feel insecure, which will lead you to inaction and consequently you will not be able to achieve what you want in life and is that not our fear itself? Try to deal with your fears and confront them, and remember that courage is not fearlessness, but only exists with it - you must learn how to harness it for your own good.
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