What Kind of People Do You Attract Into Your Life?

Show me your friend and I'll tell you who you are. Is that old observation true? What kind of people do YOU attract and what does that say about who you are? This test is made to tell you exactly that. So answer all questions honestly and we'll tell you what kind of people find you irresistible as a friend for certain groups of people.
Which of these is your preferred weekend activity?
Seeing a new gallery
Hiking in nature
Going shopping
Going for coffee and a chat
Going to see a movie
plane wing
Pick a travel destination for a holiday.
Venice at sunset
the alps
The Alps
new york urban landscape
New York
Eiffel tower
Japanese shrine
woman looking at smartphone
What excuse would you use to get out of going out?
The truth - "I don't feel like going."
"I need to exercise"
"I'm too tired"
"I need to work/complete a task"
I'll just ignore it
Which of these meals are you likely to order when eating out with friends?
hamburger and fries
officer handcuffs someone
If you ever got in trouble with the law, it would be for...
Holding illegal substances
Creating noise at night
There's absolutely no chance I'd break the law
big crowd at concert
How do big crowds make you feel?
I don't enjoy it
As long as I can move I'm ok
I love it
Doesn't bother me
It makes me really anxious
colorful pencils underwater
Choose a color from the ones below:
When your friends come over, what do you usually do together?
We do something else each time
Watch sports
Drink, laugh and tell stories
Have a long conversation
Watch a good movie
Where is it likely for you to make a new friend?
At an enrichment course of some kind
At a fan or sports group
At a social gathering
Where I work or where I learn
What makes people enjoy being around you?
Because I'm unique
Because I have a lot of energy and lust for life
Because I'm rarely boring
Because I'm a great person to converse with
I have no idea
If you are in a car with friends, where do you prefer to sit?
Back seat, near a window
Driver's seat
In the front passenger seat
Back and in the middle
I'd probably prefer to drive alone and meet them there
What gift would you buy a friend for their birthday?
A beautiful piece of art
Gift card so they can choose
A good book
I don't usually buy birthday gifts for friends
You Attract Artists and People of the Mind
The people who like being around you are the ones who like going to coffee shops and the theater, and have crazy ideas to talk about that never bore you. If you were (or are) in a relationship with such a person, it might be either too much of a good thing or just perfect. At the end of the day, your friends love you for your sensitive, artistic soul, your sympathetic listening, and your loving advice.
You Attract Sports and Physical People
Whether it's because you are in great physical shape or because you love sports in general, people who like having an active and sporty lifestyle find you very appealing. With such people, there's an adventure around every corner, mainly because it will include a lot of physical activity. When at home with them, you may all watch some sports together. This probably means you're a person with lots of personal energy.
You Attract Party People
The people who like being around you are the kinds of people who find it hard to sit in one place and do nothing - they like to enjoy themselves, to party, to celebrate life at every opportunity - and you're probably the same! If you're bored or having a bad day, these people can help you feel like yourself again with some pure fun, alcohol and big smiles.
You Attract Intellectuals
You were probably a great student and loved to read. You love enriching your own knowledge and so you attract people who wish to do the same; people with intellectual curiosity. At first, it may look like you don't have time for others, always busy with something, but you are actually really loyal and will do whatever needs to be done for them. Your friends also learn a lot of interesting stuff from you and it's part of why they'll never be bored by you.
You Attract Shy People
Though it may be hard for them to connect with others, the people you attract feel more free with you and that's because you know how to give unconditional, free-of-judgment kind of love and show concern in a way even a shut-off person will be able to receive. They may even adore you, and even if your friendship started weirdly, they're so happy to have you in their lives. Be good to those shy friends and they will be with you for life.
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