What Do You Know About Jesus Christ?

Jesus Christ is probably the most famous figure to have ever walked the earth. He has started the world's biggest religion and his birth is celebrated around the world every year. Are you familiar with the story of Jesus Christ? Let's find out just how much you know.
Where was Jesus's family from?
How many magi came to visit baby Jesus?
We don't know
Jesus was born in a town called "Bethlehem". What does the name mean in Hebrew?
House of bread
House of goats
Mountain village
Fishing village
Which tribe of Israel did Jesus belong to?
Who baptized Jesus?
According to the Gospel of Matthew, what was Judas Iscariot given for betraying Jesus?
30 pieces of silver
100 pieces of silver
Nothing, they cheated him of his reward
50 pieces of gold
How old, roughly, was Jesus when he was crucified?
In his mid 30s
In his late 40s
In his early 20s
In his mid 50s
What was the name of the Roman leader who crucified Jesus?
Pontius Pilate
Pompeius Magnus
Porcius Festus
Tiberius Julius Alexander
Jesus was crucified on Golgotha, a place just outside...
When did people start celebrating Jesus's birth?
During the 4th century
During the Middle Ages
During the Renaissance
1 year after Jesus's death
The name Christ comes from the Greek word Christos, which means...
Anointed one
Small god
Divine one
How did Judas mark Jesus for the Roman authorities?
He kissed him
He planted a piece of silver on him
He put a mark on Jesus's robe
He kneeled before him
True or False: According to the New Testament, Jesus never ate meat
How long was Jesus's longest fast?
40 days
75 days
33 days
101 days
Complete the answer Jesus gave to Satan when he tried to tempt him to eat: "Man shall not live on bread alone, but on...
every word that comes from the mouth of God."
the love one bears for his God."
the love and adoration of the people he has helped."
meat and milk as well."
More to learn
There's quite a lot you still don't know about the story of Jesus Christ. Perhaps you're not a Christian yourself, or a lot of time has passed for you. In any case, the story of Christ is a fascinating one, and well worth learning more about.
You did well
Although you didn't get everything right, you did well for yourself and are obviously familiar with Jesus' story. It is known by some as the greatest story ever told, and so holds many details. That said, have a look at our answers or have a second round if you want to do even better on your own!
Too Easy!
You know the story of Jesus Christ forwards and backwards, and maybe upside down. This was a breeze for you, so it's clear to us we need to devise more challenging quizzes about Christ if we want to stump YOU! Congratulations for acing our quiz about the story of Jesus Christ.
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