If You Were a Teacher, What Kind Would You Be?

If you were to be a teacher, what kind of teacher would you be? This test will assess your personality from a number of different angles, and will let you know exactly how you'd end up acting in a classroom full of unruly students!
people jogging through the park
What is your ideal Saturday morning?
A long lie in and some rest and relaxation
A run
An early start for a day trip somewhere new
school crossing sign
What was your favourite type of school trip?
Museums and exhibits
You didn’t mind as long as it was something new
Work experiences
Anything outdoors
delicious burger
Which meal would you most like to eat?
large burger and fries
pasta with pesto sauce
salmon salad
Thai green curry
young girl doing homework
Which of these was your favourite subject at school?
Foreign Languages
playing the bass guitar
What's your favorite kind of music?
Rock or Heavy Metal
Classical Music
Pop Music
Jazz or Blues
Rap or Hip Hop
Electronic Music
James Bond concept
Who portrayed James Bond the best?
Roger Moore
Daniel Craig
Timothy Dalton
Sean Connery
psychedelic pattern
Which picture is your favorite?
psychedelic pattern
peacock pattern
geometric pattern
close-up of white flower
stuffed potatoes
Which of these is your favourite potato dish?
Cheesy mashed potatoes
Baked potatoes
Homemade chips
Potato salad
woman stretching on log
Pick a motivational slogan
Finish what you started!
Together everyone achieves more!
Let’s do this!
I can and I will!
man wearing Superman shirt under his clothes
Do you tend to frequently help those in need?
All the time!
Only when they can't help themselves.
Only if nobody else is willing to help.
Only if others are willing to help.
You'd be a challenge-seeker!
maths professor
From your personality, it seems as though you'd be a teacher who loves to seek out new challenges at every opportunity. You know the job is tough but that's why you'd do it. You'd relish the difficulties, the long days and you wouldn't be afraid to push your pupils, and to do everything in your power to broaden their horizons.
You'd be a visionary teacher!
Buddha teaching pupils
From your personality, it seems as though you'd be a highly visionary teacher. Whether you'd be super strict or a little lax, you'd certainly manage to see past the day-to-day struggles because you'd have a long-term goal in mind. Teachers like you constantly manage to achieve positive outcomes, no matter what happens throughout the year!
You'd be a skills developer!
teacher with kids
From your personality, it seems as though you'd be highly adept at developing your students' skills, as well as your own. After all, why should the kids have all the fun? You're in the classroom to grow and develop as much as the pupils are. There's no other career like teaching, where no two days are the same and you'll be learning new stuff all the time.
You'd be a reward seeker!
man teaching boy in forest
From your personality, it seems as though you'd be the reward-seeking kind of teacher. For a person who seeks being rewarded, teaching is the ideal profession. When you see your pupils' progress, it’s a sure sign that you’re making a difference, and you’ll talk about it for days to anyone who cares to listen. You’ll never feel more fulfilled than the day they get their results, and head out into the world.
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