Break Up Lines

These funny lines can be used to end a relationship instead of starting one.

Aside from being single, what do you do for a living?
What’s your sign? Mine is stop.
Hey girl, are you a newspaper?
Because there's a new issue with you every f**king day.
"I treated this relationship like my diet, one cheat day a week."
Is it hot in here or is this relationship suffocating me?
What’s the difference between me and your socks? I’m not yours anymore.
"Really, our time together has just become more effort than you're worth."
"I just can't live with the pathetic tickles that you call thrusts anymore."
Knock knock. Who's there? You're - You're who? - You're single!
You’re the girl that everybody wants. Today is their lucky day.
There's something I've been wanting to say since the day we met. Goodbye.
Hey Pumpkin, I just wanted to say that I'm done with having Halloween every day.
You are so right. And I am so left.
I think it would be hot if we f**ked other people. Exclusively.
Are you a fidget spinner? Because the last time I had fun with you was forever ago and I’m not really interested in touching you anymore. I’m pretty sure you were just a phase and now I’d really like to get you out of my house and forget it ever happened.
Hey, did it hurt when you fell from heaven? Because honestly, Karen, you are a demon.
"Look, our relationship is like doing push ups on your knees. It's just not working out"
We should make like the Soviet Union and split up.
Did we fall from the sky? Because we look pretty broken up right now.
Our relationship is like my financial status: Broke.
What does a deer hang on its Christmas tree?
“Horn – aments.”
Raise your hand if you have a boyfriend.

Not so fast
Let’s make like an atom, and split.
Dinosaurs represent our relationship, because they both don’t exist anymore.”
Boy: Want to hear a joke?
Girlfriend: Sure.
Boy: Our relationship.
Can we still share a netflix account?
It's time to be like a kit-kat and split up.
Hey, babe. I think it's time we take our relationship to the previous level.
Hey baby, you know what sounds good? You and me never speaking to each other again.
"You're not Mr. Right.... just Mr. Right Now."
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