Food Pick Up Lines

Use these hilarious food pick up lines to make him or her laugh.

This coffee is too strong. How about a kiss because you are the only sugar I need.
Will you let me be the avocado in your turkey sandwich?
Do you have raisins? How about a date?
Your skin is smoother than the finest panna cotta.
I have only two weaknesses resisting chocolate and resisting you.
Pies aren't the new cupcakes, baby. You are.
Do you like hot foods
If so, you definitely are what you eat.
Babe can I get a cookie that tastes like you?
Do you like strawberries or blueberries? - Cuz I need to know what pancakes to make you in the morning.
Even my new stainless steel cookware set isn't as slick as you.
Are you Hershey's chocolate? Because I would like one kiss from you.
Are you sugar? Because I want you in everything I have.
Are you into salads? Because I think I'm falling in lovage.
Baby, you remind me of my spice cabinet - cuz you got a fine grind going on.
Girl, are you fries? Because I would like you at my side.
Are you a fruit? Cause honeydew you know how fine you look right now?
Your name must be Coca Cola, because you're so-da-licious.
I only wanted a week's supply of sweets instead I got a lifetime supply because I got you.
You are my raisin to smile.
Do you know what rhymes with cucumber? Your number.
Do you have any Sriracha sauce? Cause you fire me up!
I want you. I knead you.
You looking at me is making me turn as red as that roasted beet salad.
If you shave your legs as well as that fennel, I can't wait to touch them.
You are my butter-half!
I do not want anything fancy just you and a whole bowl of chocolate ice cream.
Just so you know I have a ref full of chocolate, a couch and good films at my house.
Are you sugar? Because I just had sweet dreams about you.
I think you're barbe-cute.
I just want to take you out to brunch and shower you with quiches.
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