Weather Pick Up Lines

Welcome the next season with these hot 'n cold pick up lines!

Wow, you're so cool in this hot weather that my freezer is jealous of you.
This sidewalk must be unsalted, because I just fell for you.
If you were a tree, you’d be an evergreen, because I bet you look this good year-round.
You look like the morning sun after a long night of darkness.
Was that an earthquake or did u just rock my world?
You're hot enough for both of us during winter.
Tonight's forecast: 100% chance of love.
Is that the sun coming up... or is that just you lighting up my world?
Will you come to my place? You can sure lower my heating bill with your hotness.
You remind me of a thunderstorm: positively striking.
Is your name Summer? Because you are hot!
I should call you rainbow, because you’re passing with flying colors.
You can stand under my umbrella.
If there a rainbow today? I just found the treasure I have been searching for!
If kisses were raindrops, I'd send you a hurricane.
I'm not a snowman, but woman, you make my heart melt.
The weather is almost as beautiful as you, m'lady.
Is your name Misty? You look so good in the rain.
Get me some cooling aloe gel, because you are making me as hot as a sunburn.
Did the sun come out or did you just smile at me?
No wonder the sky is gray- all the color is in your eyes.
Do you have any sunscreen? 'Cause you are burning me up!
You are the hottest thing since sunburn.
I bet you are the earth and I am the sun because you become hotter as we get closer.
Are you related to the sun? Because running into you just brightened up my day!
Can you hold my gloves for me? I usually wear them by the fireplace, but you are way hotter.
Who needs a sled when you can just ride me?
I didn't know snow angels could fly as pretty as you skiing.
Hurricane Irene is a Category 3, but if it had your name it be a perfect 10.
Now I know why there's no snow - you're so hot!
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