Pick the Objects and Discover Yourself

Objects are just objects, there is nothing magical to them by themselves. However, the way WE look at objects, weigh them in our mind and attach meaning to them can say so much about us. Let's put it to the test, can we guess some things about you according to your selections?
You are alone at home and in the kitchen when you hear an intruder breaking in. In panic, what is the first weapon you'd probably grab?
You are the ruler of a kingdom during the middle ages, what crown will you wear?
Pick the object that, in your opinion, is the most useful to have at home.
Choose a car you'd like as your main vehicle.
Pick a pair of socks you'd really like to wear at home, where no one can judge you.
Pick a type of mustache and/or beard you like.
Choose a mask.
A close family member dies and asks in their will to be cremated and placed in an urn on your shelf. Choose a container for their ashes:
Choose a statue/sculpture:
Choose a door you'd like to have.
Risk Taker, Brazen
According to your answers, you're a person who is not afraid of doing things that most people would be too scared or embarrassed to. You are a risk taker, a gambler of life decisions. You may give them thought but you are willing to make some really big changes in your life, changes that would scare to death most other people. <br><br>You're also quite brazen, and will do quite a bit to get your way, either by being who you really are without apology or by pushing other people out of their comfort zone to achieve what you need.
Different, Unique, Ill-Fitting
You're a bit different, aren't you? At least that's what your results seem to indicate. Have you ever felt like you are a stranger in a strange land? Like this world wasn't really made for you, and you could have done better in some other reality? <br><br> This feeling is not uncommon among those who think differently, act differently or are just unique in some way that just doesn't mesh that well with the world as it is. Our advice? Embrace your difference, flaunt it, be brazen about it! You are who you are and your uniqueness makes all the difference.
Go With the Flow
You have a very astute conception of the world, and you know which way the wind blows, sort of speak. You know societal standards in and out and you are very good at making no big waves and going with the flow of things. This allows you to avoid much of the stress and anxiety people have about societal rules and how to behave.<br><br> You know how to give the world and your environment what they want, and it's no problem for you. This isn't manipulation, but more a sort of daily survival, a routine that doesn't even register anymore, as you've internalized these rules long ago.
Humble and Strong
No matter what you have or what you've achieved, you're not one to show off to everyone about their good fortune. You are humble, modest, and unassuming. However, those who get to know you know this is all just your personality and not true. <br><br>When they get to know you, they see you have incredible strength inside you, being a dependable person who knows how to keep secrets, be a great friend and never boast about all the good you do for your loved ones. In this world of social media and self aggrandizement, we really need more people like you.
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