How Good is Your Verbal Logic?

Verbal logic is the type of logic we use when we listen or read information and must arrive at conclusions based on that information. In this test we will measure your understanding of information, understanding of language and other verbal logic skills. Good luck!
Sam left the office last. James left before Tanya. Tanya left after Kevin. Kevin left before James. Mark left after Tanya. Who left the office first?
Pointing to a photo of a girl Jane said: "She is the daughter of the only daughter of my father." How is Jane related to the girl?
She's her sister
She's her mother
She's her grandmother
She's her aunt
Paul weighs more than Lee. Lisa weighs more than Marcus. Marcus weighs less than Anthony. Lee and Anthony are exactly the same weight. If this information is true, which of the following must also be true?
Paul weighs more than Marcus
Lee weighs less than Marcus
Lisa weighs less than Lee
Marcus weighs more than Lisa
Which car is fastest?
Car B
Car A
Car C
Car D
All people named Liam are tall. All tall people are smart. All smart people are British. No British people are poor. Which of the statements is true?
All tall people are British
All smart people are named Michael
All British people are tall
All people named Michael are rich
To fulfill all these demands, who will sit next to Charlotte?
Only Brandon
Only Charlotte
Ben and Emma
Ben and Oliver
If gangro symbolises the opposite of gengro, what does “Ern gangro yatju” mean?
Was bad building
Was hard building
Was fun building
Was happy building
Complete the sentence: Sand is to glass as _____ is to ______.
Tree: Paper
Cotton: Wool
Bee: Honey
Stove: Oven
If bigger cats are faster, but smaller cats are more obedient, which cat is the fastest and most obedient?
Amelia and Ava
Brandon and Amelia
Fiona and Olivia
BREK PUL BRA-BRA means "Happy birthday son" PUL NOJ NICNIC means "The happy lion" BREK NICNIC IKO means "My son's dog." Which made-up word means "Birthday"?
A thin, red-haired baby wearing a bonnet is the oldest of the group. Who can it be?
Baby 4
Baby 3
Baby 2
Baby 1
Baby 5
Some Loopies are Bushbushes, all Numblumbs are Floritians and some Brongons are Loopies. Therefore, it can be assumed that:
Some Bushbushes may also be Brongons
All Loopies are Bushbushes
All Numblumbs are Brongons
All Numblumbs are Loopies
Sorry, Try Again
Perhaps you are more a person of numbers than words, perhaps you need some rest and to try again. In any case, in this test you got pretty low scores, so we would recommend looking at our answers or trying your hand again!
You're Pretty Good!
Really good job, you got more points and answered more questions correctly than most people taking this test. You don't have much to learn here, since your verbal logic is pretty strong, but you did have some mistakes so have a look at those you got wrong or take our quiz again to get that perfect score.
We're Super Impressed!
Wow, are you a verbal genius? How did you get so many correct, all in your head? You must have a real flair for the written word, or maybe someone who has worked a lot with language. In any case - we're super impressed!
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