Which Part of Your Personality Stands Out Most?

Each of us has prominent parts of our personality that are expressed in our encounters with people. We all want to know how we are perceived by the environment, and what is considered the most powerful weapon of our character, but are not usually aware that we have one main characteristic that stands out most of all and is expressed in our body and our being. Whether you’re handy, brainy, observant, or verbal for example, this unique personality test will help you reveal your most powerful characteristic and how it is expressed to the world. Focus on the questions, all the answers are important!
the back of a woman holding a backpack on a trail
What is more important to you: physical or mental strength?
Physical strength
Mental strength
Depends on the situation
a coup hugging facing a field
What is the most important feature for a partner to have?
Someone who’s a conversationalist
Someone who’ll be my best friend
Someone who can understand me without words
Someone independent
Someone who’ll be by my side through thick and thin
Someone who’ll lead us forward
None of the above
3 piles of stones in a grove
Which of the following sculptures do you connect to most?
A statue of a man holding a child
A statue of angels
A statue of Joan of Arc riding a horse
A statue of figures holding their mouths
Statue of an observing man
A sculpture of a figure turning an ear to listening
A man bows his head on a table near the clock and a calendar
Do you usually complete assignments immediately or wait until the last minute?
I complete assignments as soon as I get them
I usually wait until the last minute
It depends on the situation
A cheerful bunch of women
How would your friends describe you?
Forgiving and compassionate
Direct and sincere
Helpful and beneficial
None of the above
Two women sitting on benches in the park
When arguing, do you usually stick to your position or are you willing to compromise?
I usually insist on my opinions and principles
For the most part, I'm willing to be flexible
Depends on the situation
woman smelling roses
Which out of the 5 senses is most prominent for you?
man pulling out his pockets
How would you react if you had heard that your close friend had lost all his money in a wrong business deal?
Help him figure out how to minimize the damage
Go over the data with him and see if he's missed something that can help
Try to listen and empathize with the pain he must have experienced
Tell him what he should say in his next business meeting
Explain to him what parts of his personality are interfering with his progress
Tell him that everyone makes mistakes and not to beat himself up over it
superhero action figures
If you had a superpower what would you use it for?
The imparting of justice
Creating equality
Creating economic prosperity
Spreading peace and brotherhood
Controlling situations and people
baseball stadium with a large crowd
How do you feel when you are in crowded places?
I get anxious
I'm usually keen to be around people
I'm pretty bored
I am often curious
or disturbed by the presence of a large crowd
I feel an excess of stimulation
I don’t feel anything unusual
match house on fire
If you could save only one item from your burning home, which of the following would you choose?
My computer
A piece of furniture or an object which I built myself
Books and religious items
A gift I received from my spouse
Family photo album
None of the above
pit bull poppy
To which of the following dogs do you connect the most?
German Shepherd
man raking leaves
If you have trees in your yard, what are you most likely to do with them?
I'll trim them if they're too high and I'll build a nice piece of furniture for myself
I'll invite friends to sit in their shade
If they aren’t’ fruit trees, I will replace them
I'll try to find out why they don’t look their best
I’ll check the possibility of hanging a hammock between them
I'll tell everyone how much I've invested in growing them
None of the above
Your strong trait is your heart
A tree cut into the shape of a heart
You have innately high emotional intelligence which helps you deeply connect with people and their feelings. Your passion, instinct, and lust for life make you a very unique type and a person who has the ability to feel empathy and compassion for the environment. Your identification with people does not make you a cautious person, and you have the courage and power to help you achieve what your heart desires.
Your strong trait is your hands
a man clasping his hands
You are an active, ambitious and achievable person who strives to finish what you start and have what to show for it. You like to create and plan things with your own hands, while using those same hands to give a pat on the back and warm encouragement to people close to you. You have the ability to achieve goals you set yourself, because the world is at your fingertips.
Your strong trait is your brain
drawing of a brain
You are a wise and intelligent person who tends to meditate and sink into philosophical and abstract thinking. Your brain has the ability to imagine the impossible and what has not yet been created - as long as you can dream about it. Your brilliant intellect and sharp mind give you a powerful tool that serves you in society and work and gives you a tremendous advantage in your ability to generate new ideas and be original.
Your strong trait is your soul
woman sitting on a dock
You understand the human psyche and you are wonderfully attentive and very spiritual. Your deep connection to your soul and essence gives you the ability to touch and influence the souls of others. You have a natural sense that directs you to what is right and just and allows you to make the right choices. This trait cleanses your soul and life and the souls and lives of the people around you.
Your strong trait is your eyes
a mans eye
You are an insightful and discerning person who can read and understand people through observation. You experience the world and people through your eyes and know how to recognize the potential of each and every one through your profound observation. You have the skill and the power to understand things in a complex and meaningful way which gives you the ability to read people and understand them even from a distance.
Your strong trait is your mouth
a womans mouth biting a hot pepper
You are an extroverted person who easily connects with people and manages to influence them and make them become their best version. Your sharp mouth is the most prominent part of your personality and the characteristic that enables you to convince people to follow complex and sometimes unreasonable ideas. You are a natural leader and you have the power to lead, guide, convince, and drive people around you, and your chances of success in life are high.
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