What is the SHAPE of Your Personality?

Shapes may have more meaning for us than one may think. Even the prehistorical caveman, drawing on those rough cavern walls, understood the difference between the roundness of the head and the rectangular nature of the body. The lines of a square and the lines of a triangle. Somewhere deep, each of us resonates with certain shapes. Take our test and perhaps we can tell you which shape you most strongly resonate with.
If you come across a problem you...
quickly analyze the situation and come to a reasonable conclusion
tackle the problem head on
try to solve the problem or work your way around it
choose a solution that will minimize the problem and restore the situation as best as you can
What would you do on a blackboard if you were the teacher?
There's a long line outside your favorite restaurant, what do you do?
Stay in the line because you are determined to eat at your favorite restaurant no matter what.
Someone goes in front of you and kindly asks if he/she could cut in front of you to be in line with his/her family/friend. You kindly agree to let him/her be in line in front of you.
Go to another restaurant with a shorter line because you don't want to wait long and you don't mind trying something new.
Someone appears to be cutting the line but he/she is just joining up with his/her family/friend. Since you've been waiting in line for a while you tell that person to go to the end of the line.
Pick a dimension.
What's your junkfood weakness?
How many social networks do you use? (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok etc.)
Would you rather be confident or courageous?
A little bit of both
Imagine you're an animal. Think about the kind of life it leads. Which life can you see yourself living?
You are walking down the street with a group of friends when one of you notices a woman is being beaten by a much bigger man. What do you do?
Run straight at the male and stop him physically or verbally
Alert my group to what is going on and see what everyone wants to do
Assess the situation and get at least two of my strongest friends to stop the fight
Bring all my friends as a group and ask her if she wants our help
When you had, or still have, a large group of friends - what was your role?
Kind of an informal leader
The one who makes peace and keeps things fun
The one who does the planning and/or the work so we can have fun
The one who everyone comes to for advice
Your Personality is SQUARE - In a good way!
You are a hard worker who always wants to complete things. You are diligent and perseverant. You are very skilled at what you do and like to be organized and well informed. You are patient, analytical, and logical. People look up to you for advice or help because you are scholarly and a good thinker.
Your Personality is Triangular!
You have great leadership. You like to focus on your goals and aim high. You can quickly analyze situations and choose a reasonable action to take. <br><br>You are very confident. You love learning and easily absorb information. You are very good at making decisions and presenting your ideas to others in a way that grabs their attention. You are competitive and assertive, which makes people turn to you for leadership.
Your Personality is Rectangular!
You are often looking for chances to improve yourself. You are curious about the things around you and take a lively interest in everything. You are not afraid to try something new--you're very courageous. <br><br>You are a changed person. You are able to do things that you were too afraid to do before. Your life usually leans on one or two things that are really important to you, and they have shaped your life for a very long time, causing you to grow with them.
Your Personality is Circular!
You resemble harmony and peace. You are the important piece that keeps your family, friends, team, group, etc. together. You build good interpersonal relationships with people and you easily connect and empathize with them. You are very creative and fueled with a lot of emotions. You care about people and their well being. <br><br> People like you are rarely lonely, and have the ability to understand other people better, sometimes, than they understand themselves. Lean into this natural capability.
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