This Memory Test is Fun!

For this memory test, we're going to need your undivided visual attention. Study these images very very well, one by one, so you can engrave them on your memory before going on to answer questions about them and showing us how good your short-term memory is!
Look carefully at the next images. Try to remember as many details as you can.
Let's put your memory to the test. Have you seen this image before?
Have you seen this little girl before?
What was in the original picture?
How many people were in this painting?
Which famous self portrait appeared before?
In "The Birth of Venus", Venus is seen standing on:
A Seashell
A Flower
A Wave
Which flag was held high in the original "Liberty Leading the People" painting?
And finally...Which is the real Van Gogh self-portrait?
Your Short-Term Memory is a bit below average
Your short-term memory, while not terrible, is a bit below average. That means that you may be a little tired, anxious or hungry. These factors all damage our ability to remember things over short periods. If not, then perhaps it is time to practice your short-term memory a bit more with the other memory quizzes in this category. Look at the answers as well to see where you went wrong. Alternatively, get a good rest and eat before you retake it, and see if you can do better.
Your Short-Term Memory is Above Average!
You have a really good short-term memory, well above average, which enables you to recall to mind not only visuals but small details in these visuals. You'll be surprised how hard it is for some people to remember things even for a few minutes. We live in a constantly shifting world full of digital content, and sometimes that means our concentration isn't what it used to be. Good for you!
Your Short-Term Memory is Excellent!
Your short-term memory is awesome! You have a perfect short-term memory, no problems there. In fact, you have a better short-term memory than 80% of people. We live in very confusing time, when people are bombarded with content and images, and that means our concentration isn't what it used to be.
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