Who Were Your Ancient Ancestors?

 It's a known idea that each of us carry with him or her not only a genetic memory for our biological aspects but also cultural, personal and behavioral traces from the genes of our ancestors. That is why many scientists are trying to uncover more information about our past. This quiz aims to see what your own earliest, most ancient memories tell about your lineage, before you grew up with the culture of today. Answer these questions and discover...
An old photo album
Which of these is your earlier memory?
Talking to my parents
Some kind of party or birthday
Family Vacation
Something that happened to me at kindergarden
An art project I made
Something else
man in front of sunset
How often do you remember dreams
Every Night
2 boys in a swimming pool
Were you a social child?
No, I was a loner
I had a few really good friends
Yes, I was very popular and social
I didn't have very good friends but I was always surrounded by people
couple of friends sitting
Are you still in touch with friends from your childhood?
Only a few really really good ones
Unfortunately not really
Sure, lots of them
I still see some of them sometimes
sand clock on the side
When do you get a feeling of D?j? Vu?
When arguing
When I have important decisions to make
When I'm in love
At work or school
When I'm alone with my thoughts
When I'm near the ocean
I almost never or never have it
couple fighting
As a child, do you remember your parents fighting?
I don't recall them fighting at all
Yes, once in a while
Yes, often
I don't remember
two brothers touching
Did you fight with your siblings as a child?
No, we didn't have any need to fight
Not much, we had some small fights
Sure, often and sometimes ended in blows
Yes, but also really loved spending time together
I didn't have siblings
young couple kissing
Do you remember your first kiss?
Not at all
woman pensive
When you think about your past, what do you think about most?
Loves I've had
Parties and social gatherings
Successes and triumphs
Family memories
Trips and adventures
painting tree divided into night and day
What is harder for you to forget? The Good Times or the Bad?
Good times
Bad times
They're both equally hard to forget
They're both equally easy to forget
eye closeup
Which of these images attracts you the most?
forest stream
shiny crown
map and compass
Galloping horse
a woman looking at her phone inquisitively
Do you remember what the first question in this quiz was about?
Asking about D?j? vu
Asking about dreams
Asking about my first memory
I don't remember and don't want to guess
A question about my childhood
You Come From the Noble Class
a paintings of the british royal family
By your answers, your roots may have noble, even royal blood to them! Your memories indicate your forefathers may have been powerful rulers with significant impact on the society they lived in. They passed on to you those noble genes and it can be seen in your leadership skills, your self confidence and your bearing.
Your Forefathers Were Warriors
painting of warriors in battle
Your memories indicate you are an heir to a lineage of war. You are strong in your opinions, tough and completley believe in the things you say. You may be quiet and withdrawn sometimes, but you will always jump to defend those you love and make decisions based on your moral judgement. Much like your ancestors, you are ready for battle whenever a fight or argument occurs, and you will always defend those weakest or closest to you. You may not think of yourself as a warrior, but they come in many forms.
Your Forefathers Were Religious Leaders
an ancient priest
By your answers and the memories you carry deep within you, it seems like your forefathers were great men of religion - priests, bishops, witch doctors and other such men and women who saw to the link between deity and people at ancient times. They were in charge of carrying out the important rites and rituals. They have passed their intellect to you, their social skills, their quickness of thought, their verbal skills and a deeper philosophical leaning that allows you to think more holistically about things.
You Have Explorers' Blood in Your Veins
drawing of seafarers
You're a person whose blood seeks out adventure and exploring. Your forefathers sailed the ancient seas, crossed deserts and found new, incredible lands to investigate. In your blood are ancient remainders of those people, which is why you have an excellent sense of direction, adapt quickly to new places and situations, unafraid to explore other places and travel and have a LOT of healthy curiosity!
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