Are You In the Past, Present or Future?

Do you miss the past or do you live in the now? Do you wish you were born in the near future or maybe in a distant technological one? Take our quiz below and answers all our questions honestly to see when it is you truly reside.
Which website or app do you use the most?
What kind of manners do you find most important?
Manners between strangers - opening doors, being polite
Manners between family members - being respectful and polite
Manners between debaters - Keeping to social rules and decency
Manners between neighbors - Being good and polite neighbors
I really don't care about manners or being polite
Supporting other people's choices as long as they don't hurt others
How do you feel about marriage?
It's a very important concept to me
I don't like putting labels on things
I dislike what is happening to the concept of marriage recently
I don't really spend much time thinking about it
Do you like watching movies?
I prefer a good book
Yes! Especially in the cinema
I prefer videos
Yes, at home
How long do you think people should live?
As long as they can, even if it's 1000 years old
Around 100 years, no more
Around 80 is enough
People should live forever
Do you smoke?
I used to but I quit
Like a chimney
On occasion
I smoke weed
I smoke electronic cigarettes
I hate smoking and have never been a smoker
What is the biggest problem facing the world today, in your opinion?
The climate
Which future dystopia scares you the most?
Big brother dystopia where you are watched and brainwashed (1984 style)
Post-apocalyptic anarchism where people fight each other for resources (Mad Max style)
An authoritarian regime ruled by a fascist dictator (Nazi Germany style)
An oppressive religious theocracy (Handmaid's Tale style)
An over-technological dystopia where we are ruled by machines
How do you usually dress?
In something nice and pretty
In something comfortable
Probably in a jeans and shirt
In a suit or formal dress
In anything anachronistic
Who do you think deserves the most respect?
The police
Technology inventing billionaires
People doing physical labor
People who work for non-profit organisations
People of strong faith
When do you listen to the radio?
In my car
In my car and at home
On my computer
On my phone when I don't have music on
Which music style do you prefer?
Soft Jazz
Experimental Jazz
Hip Hop
Do you think people with "enhanced" limbs should be able to compete in sports?
Yes, I don't see a problem with that
Absolutely not
I would prefer if all athletes were enhanced for more impressive play
I think that would destroy the fun of the game
Only if they had to do it due to an injury
Complete the sentence: "People are far too __________ today."
Addicted to Technology
Which of these is most important for happiness?
A stable relationship and/or family
True Love
Self Fulfillment
Personal freedom
Fulfilling all fantasies
You Miss the Glorious Past
Ah, the glorious past, when people believed in good manners, strong family values, decency and hard work. You find yourself missing the past, when you were younger, the world was less chaotic and things were easier to follow. These days, it seems like the world has turned to chaos, with a new silly trend or device or fashion coming out daily. You wish the world would stop the insanity a little bit and go back to more traditional roles, traditional values and old fashioned manners.
You Live in the Present
You live in the here and now. You know what's going on in the world, and you pride yourself on staying current. You take an avid interest in politics and hear of the latest trends on society, political issues, economic issues and current technology. You didn't tend to use so much technology but you're getting used to it now, although you may never love it like some people do. You miss the past but you also appreciate the good things about the present - progress, technology, medicine and comfort.
You Look Forward to the Future
The future doesn't seem very far to you. In fact, you've already started living there. You adore technology and everything that indicates progress. The old institutes of marriage, a 9-5 job and family units doesn't speak to you as much as it used to. While you are willing to have a family, you feel you must be in love with your significant other for it to succeed. You search for personal fulfillment and you stay current on scientific research because it both interests you and give you hope for a better future. You can't wait to see what it looks like.
You Wish It Was the Far Future
The future isn't enough for you, you want to live in the FAR future. You may have grown up reading all the science fiction books you could get your hands of, marveling at their stories of space exploration, new planets, virtual reality and many other scientific wonders so advanced they look like magic to us at present. For you, being free to pursue happiness is just the beginning, you dream of living forever, choosing any body you like and fulfilling all fantasies in a fantastical virtual reality world. You wish you were born 1000 years in the future.
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