The Adler Social Personality Type

Alfred Adler's name is almost as famous as Freud's, when it comes to innovation in Psychology. Adler was the first to emphasize the importance of the social element in the re-adjustment process of the individual and to carry psychiatry into the community. This test, designed according to his principles, will try to gauge your personality as it comes out in social occasions. In other words, what kind of social personality you have.
One of your friends offers you to take advantage of the coming weekend and join them and two others for a vacation in Greece, how will you respond to the offer?
"Why Greece? There are great prices in Cyprus, too."
Only if I don't have to do any of the planning
It's too close a notice, I'll pass
"Sure, can I bring a friend with me?"
One of your close friends is celebrating a birthday, what gift would you buy them?
Something expensive. No need for an invoice to exchange it.
Ask them what they would like
Get them a giftcard
Will organize everyone for a surprise party
Choose a vehicle
Which sport do you find interesting and fun?
American football
Roman Boed
Which of these is closest to your dream job?
Police officer
Party organizer
You are nearing the end of your work day in the office and the boss asked you to devote another hour to finishing some tasks, how will you respond?
I committed in my work contract to 8 hours of work a day - and so will it be.
"I can't, I have a ride in 5 minutes."
I'll agree to give the time, but either from home or in the morning.
I'll agree to stay for 30 minutes citing a meeting I have to go to.
Where would you prefer to spend your next vacation?
I have already planned a vacation for the whole family.
Vacation with friends at an all-inclusive hotel
A cabin just for me and the spouse
A large camping trip with other families
Choose an animal that you identify with when you think about your place in society
Someone decided to smoke next to you where smoking is forbidden, how will you behave?
I will scold them and demand to put out the cigarette immediately
Ask someone in charge to tell them off
Step away
Talk to them nicely, establish communication and ask them to put the cigarette out
To what extent do you tend to reveal your true personality to people?
Always. That's me and they need to accept that.
Depends on who I'm talking to
I keep my cards close to the chest
I'm pretty much an open book
You went out for a fun balloon ride with your friends. Suddenly, one of the friends starts trembling and covers his eyes. He has a fear of heights. How will you react?
I'll ask him why he came up if he knew he had a fear of heights.
Ask them how I can help them.
Step back. It would make me anxious dealing with him.
Sit next to him and try to distract them until we land.
Which photo makes you feel good?
The Self-Control Type
According to Alfred Adler's lifestyle theory, you are the social type who likes to be in control of themselves. You usually do not hide your feelings, act decisively when you feel that something is not going according to your wishes and are not ashamed of yourself and your desires - something that may sometimes tempt you to control the lives of those around you.<br><br> You dislike people who do not express an honest opinion or those who prefer personal space over social pastimes. You know exactly who you are and what you want and no one around will stop you on the way to your goals, which are quite clearly defined.
The Dependant Type
According to Alfred Adler's lifestyle theory, you are the dependant social type. The people around you are the most important thing to you and sometimes you can not manage even one day without their presence - this can portray you as a person who feels at times challenged when they have to manage on their own. On the one hand this is understandable, since social interaction itself is often used for getting help from others, but on the other hand we should and must learn to trust ourselves above all others, and in the moment before we turn to others, we need to ask ourselves: Do we really need other people for this? Could we manage on our own?
The Avoidant Type
According to Alfred Adler's lifestyle theory, you are people who love your independence and trust only yourself 100%. You try to stay away from crowded and crowded areas, prefer spending time in solitude with one good friend over a party with a bunch of people, and generally find the home to be your safe haven. You are highly self-sufficient, enjoy your own company but can also be quite social when in your own little circle of friends and family. These are all positive qualities, but it is important to remember that our society is not bad by nature and that there are strangers out there that may become your dear friends.
The Social Type
According to Adler's lifestyle theory, you are a 'social butterfly'. You are a walking energy bomb, abundant in social interests and able to devote a lot of time to others and their needs. You manage wonderfully in groups because you don't suffer from feelings of inferiority or superiority, or any other large social anxieties. You have a good level of self confidence. You don't take life too seriously. You do your duty with love and succeed in overcoming obstacles thanks to a positive spirit and a lot of faith that your social energy will be returned to you.
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