Will You Complete These English Proverbs?

English is a wonderful language, full of wise sayings and old proverbs that still make a ton of sense today. You probably know a lot more of them than you realize, as they seem to be absorbed by most people through life. How many of these proverbs do you think you can finish yourself? Take our test and find out!
Money is a good servant...
but a bad master.
but not a loyal one.
as long as you can meet its cost.
but bad for the soul.
Stretch your arm no further...
than your sleeve will reach.
than your grasp.
than you can reach.
than your fingers may reach.
The more haste...
the less speed.
the more mistakes.
the less sense.
the more death.
It takes all sorts...
to make a world.
to raise a child.
to make a family.
to see the light.
Speech is silver...
but silence is golden.
but emotions are golden.
but action is golden.
but questions are golden.
A cat in gloves...
catches no mice.
is not a cat.
is a mouse's delight.
will not live long.
Honey is not for...
the ass’s mouth.
the bitter.
the old.
the bear, but the bee.
He works best who...
knows his trade.
works honest.
works hard.
knows his tools.
He who would eat the nut...
must first crack the shell.
must also eat the shell.
must bury the shell.
may choke on the shell.
Learn to creep...
before you leap.
in your sleep.
before you speak.
before you weep.
Learn wisdom by...
the follies of others.
living wisely.
listening to the wise.
the follies of your father.
Many a true word...
falls on deaf ears.
is spoken in jest.
is spoken by mistake.
is forgotten while a lie endures.
A Proverb Novice
We're afraid you did not pass this proverb quiz. Granted, most of these sayings aren't uttered that much anymore, but they do represent an enormous amount of wisdom gained over the years and condensed into these shorter sayings. To see the full proverbs, look at the quiz answers.
A Proverb Adept
Your knowledge of proverbs and English sayings is stout. You probably do some reading and have an curiosity about the language. Perhaps your parents used to say them to you! That said, there is a little room for improvement. No doubt you can make top score if you try again. If you'd like, you can retake the test. If not, you can see the full proverbs when clicking on "Show Mistakes."
A Proverb Master!
You have a super sound knowledge of proverbs, making it really hard for us to challenge you! You must have a great memory as well as a keen interest in reading and the English language. Perhaps were taught as a child or you just picked it up along the way. Good for you! If more people remembered these pearls of wisdom, maybe we'd all be better off.
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