Can We Test Your Idioms?

We know your English is pretty good, but are your IDIOMS? We often think we know what all idioms used in popular language mean, but they may surprise you! Let's see how many you know...
Then he is...
Making the most of the worst situation
Finishing up a project
Obsessive about something
Destroying his livelihood
Then she...
Gives compliments that seem genuine but are actually hurtful
Is very stingy with giving compliments
Only compliments those that compliment her
Never ever compliments anyone
Then he is...
Going for a short nap
Going to sleep for the night
Going to think hard about something
Playing hide-and-seek
Then she is...
Very anxious
In love
Seeking revenge
Then he is...
Blunt and honest
A liar
A manipulator
Then she is...
Feeling uneasy or nervous
Feeling like dancing
Feeling Too hot
Feeling lonely
Then she is...
Trying to perform an impossible task
Hurting everyone and doesn't care
Panicking and hysterical
Doing many things at once
Then he is...
Enjoying his achievements
Looking to succeed
Working hard
Defeated and hopeless
Then she is...
Very comfortable
Falling asleep
Then he is...
Getting rid of his worst by pretending it's good
Making an honest barter deal with me
Giving me the beer as a gift
Asking me to throw it away
Then he is...
Arriving at the last possible moment
Arriving early
Arriving at the wrong time
Arriving after the party
Then he is...
Getting rich
Then she is...
Failing to leave an impact
Getting straight to business
Not taking any c*ap from anyone
Not telling any lies
Then he...
Wants very difficult things
Fails to achieve his dreams
Cries when seeing beauty
Is easily frightened
Shall We Give it Another Go?
Unfortunately these idioms escaped you, and you may want to do some more reading in your spare time to refresh some of these sayings and idioms in your mind. Perhaps then you'd like to give it another go.
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