How Do You See the Opposite Sex?

There is no doubt that there are differences between men and women. Even if there weren't some serious physical differences, society raises them and treats them quite differently. But how do the sexes view each other? How do YOU view the opposite sex? Answer our questions honestly and find out...
Do you think the two sexes can be friends while young?
No, true platonic friendships like that only comes later in life
No, they are too different
No, men will always want more
Sure, why not?
Is one of the sexes better than the other, in your opinion?
Yes, I think my sex is better at most things
Yes, the opposite sex is mostly better
No, they are both good at different things
No, there are no real difference in their skill sets these days
Have you ever had a best friend of the opposite sex?
No, never
Yes. In fact, mostly of the opposite sex
Yes, once
About half my friends are of the opposite sex
You are at a small gathering. Everyone but you is of the opposite sex. Suddenly two more people of your sex come in. How do you feel?
Huge relief, I was just about to leave
Pretty much the same
A bit disappointed
I was having fun before and will after
What do you think will happen if half the opposite sex disappeared one day?
Civilization would completely collapse
The world would continue without much change
The world would become hell
The world will become less fun
How do you see relations between the sexes at the moment?
A bit tense
Sexism is destroying us
Would be better if the opposite sex got a grip
Do you think a child can successfully be raised by two parents of the same sex, the opposite of yours?
No, a child needs both sexes to thrive
Sure, as long as the child is loved it doesn't matter
A child would do much better raised by two people of MY sex
Only if the sex of the child is the same as theirs
What is your main interaction with the opposite sex, other than family?
With my significant other
Significant other and good friends
I don't have much interaction with them
At work and when I want to have fun
If you were to adopt a child to raise as your own, would you have a preference of sex?
Wouldn't matter to me in the slightest
I have a slight preference for kids of my own sex than the opposite
I have a slight preference for kids of the opposite sex
I would strongly prefer to have kids of the my own sex
Do you think one of the sexes is given an unfair advantage in life?
Yes, the sex opposite to mine
Yes, mine
No, they have equal advantages
Yes, but it is made equal by unfair advantages the other sex has in other areas of life
Have you ever wished that you were born of the opposite sex?
No, because I've always been comfortable with my own sex
No, because I think being my sex is better
Yes, a few times in my childhood
Yes, I still do
The Opposite Sex is to Be Avoided
You've had a lot of trouble with the opposite sex. Enough for you to think of them as causes for problems and not as solutions for other problems. They seem too far from your own personality or needs, and in the end, you either have never gotten along with them, or just got tired of trying to. <br><br> Relations between the sexes can be very difficult, coming from very different ways society views them and treats them, as well as other differences. All we can say is, there is a lot of worth in people different to us, ways they can help us see and experience things differently adds richness to life. Don't avoid them - embrace them.
The Opposite Sex Completes You
Unlike some others, you adore the opposite sex. In fact, you find that your life is just not a life without them. They complete you with their differences, in a way that your own sex never could. If you had to choose, you would probably spend an evening with several members of the opposite sex rather than your own. <br><br> The best friends you've had in life have been of the opposite sex, and perhaps you also grew up with such influence as a kid. In any case, you've learned to love and appreciate the other sex. All we can say is, don't forget that your own sex also has advantages, and you should find those people on both sexes that give you what you need in life, in terms of friendship and support.
The Sexes Are the Same
You have a very egalitarian view of the sexes. To you, all this tension between them is such a waste of time. In your view, the similarities between the sexes easily outweighs the differences. For you, the only real differences are between individuals. Stereotypes don't really work when you look on an individual level, and you don't have the tendency many others do to generalize from every anecdotal encounter. <br><br> You make friends with the same ease, never mind the sex of the individual. As such, you've had various amounts of friends from both sexes in your lifetime, and you feel like all this categorizing and complaining about the opposite sexes is immature an belongs to the past. Yours is perhaps the most progressive stance, and a sign of a more equal future to come.
The Opposite Sex is for Light Relationships
You have no big problems with the opposite sex. You appreciate its differences, the way those differences make up for your own shortcomings. However, having grown up much with your own sex and not having many close friends of the opposite sex, you've always had a lighthearted approach to relationships with the opposite sex. <br><br> In other words, you don't tend to have very deep or meaningful relationships with the opposite sex outside your family members. You enjoy them immensely, and think of them as an absolutely necessary part of life, and the source of much of its joy. However, you rarely find yourself really confiding in them, or showing them who you really truly are, or even let them see you at your worst. This is reserved for your own sex, who you go to when you need truly understanding support.
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