What Sort of Wisdom Do You Have?

Wisdom is something we all strive for. We want to know more, be more sure of ourselves, understand where we're going and what other people are thinking. However, wisdom isn't just wisdom. One can be wise in many ways while completely naïve in others. What kind of wisdom do you think you've gathered for yourself along the way? Take this test to find out!
Can wisdom be taught?
Yes, of course.
No, it should come from an organic understanding.
It can only be learned by experiencing events.
Only if the student is willing to learn.
No, it must be earned through work.
Those who keep their thoughts to themselves have...
The most rich imaginations.
The most detailed plans.
The most to get off their chests.
The most humble attitudes.
The wisdom to know when not to speak.
Our personality development can be affected by which of the following?
How we allow ourselves to see the world.
How lucky or successful we are.
Interactions with other people.
Life's unexpected obstacles
What we choose to believe
How do we achieve inner peace?
Feeling gratitude for what we have.
By quenching a thirst for knowledge.
Appreciating other people.
Showing compassion.
Focusing on the present moment.
In your opinion, are humans naturally motivated by internal or external things?
By external values
By internal values
Choose an ancient proverb.
If you hurry through long days, you will hurry through short years.
Determination tempers the sword of your character.
Teachers open the door; you enter by yourself.
To succeed, consult three old people.
Neither fortunes nor flowers last forever.
If Heaven made someone, earth can find some use for them.
Is the possession of wisdom equal to intelligence?
No, there are too many types of each.
Yes, intelligence and wisdom are equal.
I need to think about this.
No, they are completely different things
It depends on the person.
One can develop wisdom, but we are born with intelligence
Which do you consider when thinking about the consequences of your actions?
The probability of success or failure.
What's the right thing to do and the wrong thing to do.
What I can learn regardless of the situation's outcome.
How I can inspire others in a positive way.
How I picture the consequences in my mind.
Complete the sentence: Wise people don't...
Surround themselves with selfish people.
Start things they can't finish.
Lose faith.
Avoid enriching experiences.
Surrender to the mundane.
When did you receive most of your wisdom?
I'm still working on it.
From other people.
From my dreams and my inner world.
From the things I saw and went through.
From holy people and holy books
Wisdom of Perseverance
You are most dominant in Perseverance. You may have a strong will with a stable head on your shoulders, but you have perseverence burning in your blood, filling you with determination to learn and be better than you previously were. But with such determination also comes passion. You understand that in order to reach your goals and achieve your dreams you must take the bull by the horns and fight with what you want. You prove your worth and wisdom at every avenue you turn onto, all with hard work and dedication that truly prevails when you believe in a cause, endeavor or desire.
Social Wisdom
According to your answers, you have social wisdom! You are wise in the ways of the group, the individual and society. You have an intrinsic understanding of how social connections work between people, and how you can influence others to be your friends or to help you, as well as the wisdom to repay them in kind. You have built upon this intrinsic intelligence until it has become a deep wisdom. You could use this wisdom to become a leader or manipulate people, but if you are truly wise, you rarely use it for such goals.
Wisdom of Spirit
Your most dominant wisdom is of Spirituality. You hold the spirit and a sense of faith as two primary values, mainly because you believe in the narrative of equality and kindness between all living beings. You do your best to remain a non-judgmental person with pure intentions, and with the installation of belief and a high power you find that it's easiest to live your life similar to the meaningful guidelines and the wisdom of a higher power than yourself, lending your wisdom a source of inspiration.
Wisdom of Experience
You have the wisdom of Experience. We've heard plenty of others say that life is a journey, but you choose to actually live it as one. Keeping yourself locked down in one place within one community for a prolonged period of time only stunts your personal growth, and for you, travelling, exploring, or involving yourself in unconventional environments solves this dilemma. For you, the gathering of wisdom is directly linked to the experiences you live through. If you don't have experiences to draw on, you can't proceed in your self-improvement.
Wisdom of Imagination
According to your answers, your wisdom is one of imagination. You may scoff at that, saying imagination is not a real thing. But of course it is real! Everything worthwhile in our world started as imagination, as a look so far from reality as to invent new things. Your imagination comes easy to you, and is rich with questions and ideas. With time, you've learned to use your imagination wisely, channeling it into solutions and actions that promote your chosen way of life.
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