Which Ancient Greek Archetype Are You?

The ancient Greeks believed humans had four fundamental personality types: Sanguine (enthusiastic, active, and social), choleric (short-tempered, fast, or irritable), melancholic (analytical, wise, and quiet), and phlegmatic (relaxed and peaceful). The following questions are designed to suss out which of these 4 primary figures you belong to. Answer them truthfully and let's find out.
Locked doors
How do you feel when you encounter unexpected situations?
I like unexpected situations
I'm not sure
I'm not deterred by them, but I don't like surprises
man standing on mountain
Would you consider yourself a spontaneous person?
Not at all
No, but I'm quick to adjust to new situations.
Maybe a bit
bored woman
Do you get bored easily?
I never get bored
If I get bored, I always find something to do
balls of yarn
How varied are your interests?
I don't have many interests
I like to focus on one thing at a time
They are pretty varied
I'm more interested in the people around me
box with smiling dolls
Are you motivated by emotions?
Mostly yes
I manage to mostly avoid it
I am very influenced by how I feel
Burnt lightbulb
How high is your energy level, usually?
I'm not especially energetic
Depends on my mood
Very high
I'd say about average
Flippers on sand
Which of these seems like the perfect weekend to you?
Learning something new
Spending quality time with my partner
Spending quality time with family and friends
Travelling to somewhere new
Rolled bills
I mostly spend Money on...
Buying gifts for others
Buying unique items or life experiences
Buying items with real value or use
According to my budget
Heatbeat monitor
How well do you fight your urges?
I act on my urges, but cautiously.
Urges don't influence my actions
I always stop to take a moment before I act on my urges
I try, but find it hard to fight my urges
New York skyscrapers
Where would you rather live?
A place with spectacular nature
A big, beautiful city
Where I grew up
It's hard to decide
You Are Sanguine
Curious and creative, you love the little pleasure of life and enjoy impressing others. You take risks to follow your dreams and can get easily bored. You like to focus on a few things at once to keep your life busy and interesting.
You Are Choleric
As a person with respect for money you enjoy working, but do not like to be subjected to others. You like to prove your abilities rather than talk about them, and you tend to be analytical. However, your impatience is a constant hindrance you need to control in order to get what you want.
You Are Phlegmatic
Your imagination is what seperates you from others, and you are constantly working to deeply understand the thoughts and emotions of those around you. You look for the most beneficial solution to problems, and keep your calm through it all.
You Are Melancholic
This may sound bad in today's use of the word, but back then it meant you may be a realist or a pessimist at times. You are patient, very loyal to your close circle of family and friends, and like to work within a framework. You often take serious time to think about an important decision and contemplate on all the facts influencing it. This often leads you to wise, well thought decisions.
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