Find Out Who You Are by How You Communicate

The way we communicate with our environment is probably the most influential factor in how others relate to us and to our social life in general. There are people who are known as great talkers, some prefer to cut straight to the point and some people will always be the center of attention because of their great communication skills. Each of these communication styles includes several advantages and disadvantages, and can also reveal details about that person's personality. If you are curious about what your communication style is and what it reveals about your personality, you’re welcome to answer the following questions and find out for yourself.
Personality Test: Dinner
Where can you be found at a party or similar social events?
At the heart of the party, next to all my friends and strangers I just met
In a corner of the room engaged in a deep conversation with one person
Jumping from conversation to conversation handing out business cards to everyone
At the door, waiting for the right moment to leave
Personality test: office meeting room
You have an important work meeting tomorrow, what is the most likely scenario?
I’ll arrive just on time and begin to deal with the subject of the meeting
I'll sneak into the conference room quietly because I'm a few minutes late
I'll get there on time and get mad at anyone who comes late
I'll be there early so that I'll have time to prepare for the meeting and greet everyone who comes into the room
Which of the following rooms would you like to add to your home?
Personality Test: A Theater
Personality Test: A library
Personality test: a game room
Personality test: a Computer room
flickr/PROBrett Morrison
Personality Test: A person in front of the sunset
What is your most prominent and powerful characteristic?
The ability to persist
A developed imagination
Stubbornness and assertiveness
Compassion and understanding
Personality test: cat and mirror
flickr/Christian Holm?r
How would you describe yourself?
Logical and economical
Witty and intelligent
Sensitive and reliable
Creative and passionate
Personality test: A woman on a crossroads
Which of the following is most appealing to you?
A firm business initiative involving a calculated risk
Creating a strong social bond that will last for many years
Revealing a hidden secret behind a complex mystery
Participation in a big event of a lifetime
Personality Test: Handshake
Meeting new people...
Is always exciting and thrilling to me
Creates a feeling of discomfort that I am not ashamed of expressing
Fills me with energy and joy of life
Is not something I like so I avoid it
Which animal do you connect with most?
Personality Test: Eagle
Personality Test: Dog
Personality Test: Elephant
Personality Test: Lion
Personality Test: Teamwork
When working on a group project, what is most important to you?
The integrity of the relationship between the members of the group
An enjoyable and exciting work process for everyone
Order and organization to help complete the project successfully
A clear and orderly division of labor
Personality test: A person with a question mark on their face
How do you think other people perceive you?
As a person with aspirations who is willing to work hard
As a focused and efficient person
As a gentle and cooperative person
As an enthusiastic and creative person
Personality test: laptop and coffee cup
When you get to work in the morning....
You can’t talk to me before my first cup of coffee
I say good morning to everyone
I tell everyone about the amazing things that happened to me over the past days
I check everyone's work status and start taking care of all my tasks
Your communication style is: The storyteller
Personality test: A woman speaking in front of an audience
Kevan Goff-Parker
Just like all the great storytellers of the past, you can ignite the imagination of the people who listen to you, sweep them up and inspire them. This is probably the most flexible communication style there is, and it is also reflected in your character - you’re someone who isn’t afraid of changes and even looks forward to them. You're a sociable, optimistic person who tends to get excited about things like a child, and it's a great quality that makes people love you. At the same time, you have to remember that not everyone has time for long conversations or exciting speeches, and sometimes it is best to talk briefly and to the point in order to achieve the best results.
Your communication style is: The socialite
Personality test: Beer on the beach
You are a person whose heart has a great love for the world and that is evident and appreciated by anyone who talks to you, even if it is only for a few moments. You have a special ability to create strong relationships in a short time, and the main reason for this is the fact that other people feel they can trust you. You’re usually the focus of attention at every social gathering and even if you don’t speak the most, your contribution to the conversation is great. Unlike people with other communication styles, you excel in speech and listening, but it is important to know that this is a blessing that can become a curse. If you spend all your time listening to others and dealing with their problems, one day you may find that you have neglected to take care of yourself. The good news is that if such a situation happens, there will always be people around you who will be happy to help you as you have helped them.
Your communication style is: The director
Personality Test: Clapper
Like a Hollywood director known on the set of their new film, you also aim for a definite final outcome and don’t shy away from decisions and harsh words that can lead you there. You belong to the kind of people that friends and family always come to to hear the truth, even when it‘s difficult to say. You don’t necessarily want or need the responsibility and the role of leader that you’re given, but we have no doubt that you can deal with it very successfully. However, you should keep in mind that some people don’t always want your advice when speaking to you, sometimes all they want is your attention.
Your communication style is: The surgeon
Just like a surgeon, you also function best under clear order and logic, where the facts are what you really care about, not emotions. You’re a person who is distressed by situations of disorder and always feels the need for control, which also expresses itself in the way you communicate with the environment. A conversation with you can be a fascinating intellectual experience or tedious boredom, depending on the people you talk to. You should remember this when you talk to different people and remember that not everyone shares your strict worldview. There are people who repeat themselves, some are influenced by extreme emotions and some will just talk and talk for a long time without actually saying anything. You should just keep away from such people if they don’t suit you, and develop your strengths in front of people of a similar nature to yours.
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