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We are all complex people, who can hold within them a few of the many traits and characteristics, but despite all this, each person has a deep and strong motivation that directs them and affects most of their actions in life. The same main motive is what we usually would most like to be defined by and identified with, and is expressed mainly in our relationships with family and friends; There are those who act so that others think, for example, that they are good and moral, and alternatively there are those who act so that people will say that they are wise, helpful or happy. To find out what your main motivation is in life - answer the following unconventional questions which will allow you to understand a lot more about the drive that’s behind each and every one of our personalities.
Avenue of shops
You are traveling abroad and a relative asks you to bring them something that can be found only in one store in the city you are visiting, how do you act?
I will make an effort to go to the specific store and find the item they asked for.
I'll only go to the store if I happen to pass by there.
I'll tell them I'd be happy to bring them the product, but it would have to be sent to my hotel.
I'll go to the store only if I happen to pass by there, and tell my relative that it was closed if it doesn’t happen.
Hands holding a smartphone
You received a video in which you know that there is incorrect information but it supports your worldview, how do you behave?
I’ll share it because the intention is important, not the small details
I’ll personally share it with friends and talk to them about its mistakes
I won’t share it and dismiss its lack of professionalism
I won’t share it if it is wrong
A group of people leaning against a wall
You've heard that your friends are accusing you of being cheap, and you have a way to prove them wrong. But to do that you need to out another friend who is actually the cheap one although you are taking the rap for it. What do you do?
I'll bite my tongue and won’t say anything so as not to hurt a friend
I'll joke about it when this friend when the rest of them are around so that maybe they’ll catch on to the truth.
Of course, I'll tell them everything, I don’t have to suffer because they're cheap
I'll ask them to tell them the truth
A heart carved from wood
To which proverb do you most connect?
A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast
He that spareth his rod hateth his son
One who is bashful does not learn, one who is impatient cannot teach
Let the honor of your friends be as your own
A woman sitting on a beach
How often do you regret something you said or did?
If I acted with good intention, there is no point in regret
Only if someone comments or reproaches me
A smiling woman
In the movie "Pretty Woman" a businessman falls in love with an escort and they become a couple, can such a scenario actually exist in your opinion?
Only if the woman looks like Julia Roberts and the man doesn’t look like Richard Gere
Anything can happen, there are no rules in love
Maybe, but she'd always be an escort in his eyes
These are stories that belong only in films and that's a good thing
Your spouse has a contagious disease but you can’t take care of them because the doctor forbade you coming near. What do you do?
I'll tell them how much I want to help but can’t, so they know they’re important to me
I'll feel guilty but it's better for them to deal with it alone
I'll laugh and say how lucky I was to not have to take care of them
I’ll feel bad that they are alone and try to encourage them from afar
Pinocchio dolls
When is lying ok?
If the lie is not big and makes life more enjoyable, there’s no problem with it
If I had good intentions and no one would find out I had lied
If it helps someone learn a lesson
If it prevents me from insulting others
A woman crying with a rose on her lap
Complete the sentence: Maggie cried all morning long because her boyfriend...
Cheated on her
Cut an onion
Wrote her a love letter
Is not willing to do what she wants
A woman vacuuming
You notice that the maid cleaning your house has begun to dress better and you start to notice things missing at home, would you connect the two and how would you behave?
My suspicion will probably cause me to fire her but I won’t tell her the reason so as not to embarrass her
I think the best thing is to confront her and ask if she’s stealing from me
I think it's pretty obvious that she's stealing and I'll consider filming her secretly
I have no proof that she’s stealing so I can’t draw conclusions
A man in a suit pointing ahead
What is more important to you?
Being independent and strong
Being dedicated and loyal
Being practical and purposeful
Being light and funny
Office with equipment and computers
You've found interesting personal information about your co-worker, you think he wouldn’t mind being shared with the rest of the company. How do you behave?
If I think he wouldn’t mind, then I'll share the information with others
I won’t talk about it unless I've checked with my co-worker in advance if it's all right with him
I'll share it and joke about it in front of him so that he’s aware that everyone knows
I’ll allow myself to share personal things about him if he has talked about me in the past
A man and a woman’s hands holding
What picture represents the most beautiful relationship in your eyes?
A man holding a book sitting next to a woman
A woman pulling a man into her arms
A man and woman hugging each other
A woman's feet tiptoeing next to the feet of a man
You are motivated by the desire to be light-hearted and happy
a girl swinging in the sky
You are motivated by the desire to enjoy life and tend to maintain good intentions in your attitude towards others, but you do not believe you need to strive and be the greatest righteous person in the world for that. You aren’t strict, and you usually prefer to approach life with a light attitude that doesn’t take things seriously. It is obvious that you maintain basic decency and integrity, but you are sometimes willing to sacrifice them if they come at your expense and limit your joie de vivre. All in all, it seems that you have found a good balance between devotion to others and concern for your benefit, and it is recommended that you continue to maintain the delicate balance between the two.
You are motivated by the desire to be moral and kind
a man with wings and a halo
You have a very developed awareness of morality and a clean conscience. You make sure you don’t hurt others and are willing to even bear difficult prices for your worldview. You often soul-search and even torment yourself so that you can meet the high level of dedication, sacrifice, and loyalty you have set yourself. You are a thoughtful and supportive person who believes in truth and love and judge people favorably, but you should be careful not to become a "know-it-all" pious person, and always consider that we are all human.
You are motivated by the desire to be useful and practical
woman looking out a window
You act for good reasons and focus on the "big picture" and in trying to help your loved ones, you don’t always know where to draw the line and you need to understand that the goal doesn’t always justify the means. You have a worldview that even if your intention is good, your actions can be interpreted as offensive, sarcastic, and insulting. You want people to notice that you’re giving and do things that serve your image as well. It is recommended that you abandon the pessimism and the tendency to jump to conclusions and return to your initial goal - being useful.
You are motivated by the desire to be smart and powerful
man with his thumb up
You are willing to help and give from yourself, especially for people who want to learn from you and internalize the messages you have to convey. You are an educator in your soul, and a person who loves to feel powerful, independent and sharp. You have the ability to soul-search sometimes - especially if you are critiqued by a person you value. You have a good heart and good intentions, but you believe in "tough love" as a way of life and setting a high bar of achievement for yourself and others.
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