Love Turns Us All Into Animals, But Which Ones?

Falling in love can make us act a bit strangely, and we often end up doing all sorts of crazy things that we'd never have dreamed of doing before we got struck by Cupid's arrow. Just like us humans, animals also tend to change their behavior somewhat when they've got the love bug, and their complex mating rituals can be quite bizarre to observe. So, do you think you're more of a lion or monkey in the romance department? Take this quiz and find out!
otter in pool
Which phrase best describes you?
Subtle and teasing
Intense and dominant
I can be anything you want me to be
I've got a style of my own
pug and cookie
What would you do if your partner was feeling hungry?
Fetch the ice cream
Prepare some light snacks
Go out for dinner, you can't be bothered to cook
Prepare an incredible feast
cat brushing teeth
Who does most of the cleaning in your household?
Both of you
The cleaner
bears fighting
You fight like...
two lions fighting
two wild hares fighting
two bear cubs fighting
deer locking antlers
dogs playing with small ball
What sport do you love to play when you are in love?
Watching TV
Ball games
funny cats
What is your jealous face?
grinning chimpanzee
sleepy dog
funny monkey
grumpy cat
sleeping cat
Sleeping in a relationship is...
The best feeling ever
rabbit shopping
What does going shopping with your partner usually look like?
fashionable squirrel
sad dog with trolley
cat in trolley
cool dog with shopping bags
otters kissing
A big kiss is best...
At night
In the morning
All the time
Whenever you feel the urge
dog on vacation with cocktail
What is your ideal holiday destination for two?
couple sitting with mountain view
Paris at sunset
car in desert
tropical beach
party dog
How do you usually act at a party?
party cats
sad party pugs
crazy DJ dog
posh party dog
monochrome chimpanzee on phone
Your partner hasn't been picking up the phone for a few hours. How do you react?
Don't worry at all!
Plot revenge!
Worry a lot!
Get mad!
You're a Seal
two seals kissing
You're a lovely lazy seal! When you've got the love bug, all you want to do is lie back and let your emotions wash over you. You love nothing better than spending quality time together with your beloved in a cozy and safe environment. There's no need to go anywhere fancy or to dress to impress, because all that matters is that you're together. So turn on the TV, grab the popcorn, and get ready to snuggle up for night after night of true love!
You're a Monkey
two monkeys kissing
When it comes to love, you're one cheeky monkey! You can't resist the temptation to play games when you're in love, and going back and forth in a relationship is what keeps you on the tip of your toes. You're always at the edge of your seat, impatiently anticipating your next little adventure. You're quite a tease, but you know that that just drives your partner absolutely wild! What's more, you're extremely passionate about everything in life, and are one heck of a lover!
You're a Lion
two lions kissing
You transform into a strong but cuddly lion whenever you're in love. You're both fierce and powerful, and you always know exactly what you want, which is why you've chosen your partner so excellently. When you get mad, you just can't stop yourself from letting out a mighty roar, but when you're feeling like a champion you become the cuddliest little feline ever! Your love is truly a force to be reckoned with, and you won't let anyone or anything get in the way of that!
You're a Zebra
two zebras
When you're in love, you turn into a graceful and majestic zebra. Patience is the name of the game, since you understand that building a strong and stable relationship takes time. Since you believe in building meaningful long-term relationships, you will also do whatever it takes to nurture and protect this hallowed bond. You wear the same stripes and love galloping around fields of romance feeling free. You are a soft soul and your love is innocent, strong and worth fighting for.
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