Who's Face IS IT?

In this challenge, you're going to have to prove how well you can put visual photos back together again after they've been pixelated and changed. Can you use your imagination to 'see' the famous person in the photo? Normal photos can be seen by clicking in the end on 'Show Mistakes'.
Which famous actor is in this photo?
Tom Cruise
Tom Hanks
Leonardo DiCaprio
Johnny Depp
Who is the famous artist?
Salvador Dali
Pablo Picasso
Vincent van Gogh
Andy Warhol
Who is the famous singer?
Elvis Presely
Frank Sinatra
Bob Dylan
Jim Morrison
Which famous actresses is this?
Meryl Streep
Sharon Stone
Nicole Kidman
Julia Roberts
Who is the famous businessman?
Bill Gates
Mark Zuckerberg
Jeff Bezos
Tim Cook
Who is the famous singer?
James Brown
Michael Jackson
Jimi Hendrix
Barry White
Who is this famous singer?
Diana Ross
Shania Twain
Which comedian is this?
George Carlin
Robin Williams
Jerry Seinfeld
David Letterman
Which nostalgic actress is this?
Audrey Hepburn
Katharine Hepburn
Grace Kelly
Elizabeth Taylor
Which nostalgic actor is this?
Clark Gable
Humphrey Bogart
Gary Cooper
Cary Grant
Which famous rock band is this?
Rolling Stones
Led Zepplin
What famous movie is this picture taken from?
Taxi Driver
Pulp Fiction
Silence of the Lambs
No Luck
Unfortunately you found it hard to guess the people in the photos. It could be that you simply didn't recognize them despite their fame and not because you find it hard visually. How about trying again and this time unfocus your eyes and try to see the outline of the photo and not just the details.
Good Job!
You used your imagination and pattern-recognition skills to match these scrambled photos to your memory and come up with the right answer. Great job! You didn't get all of them, however, so you can still play again for a higher score!
Fantastic Performance!
You have a great ability to analyze visual data and match it up with your visual memory. This means not only is your visual memory intact but your eyes are sharp, your mind keen and your pattern-resolution skills at tip-top shape. It's good to be you!
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