You Are a Warrior! But What Kind?

What does it mean being a warrior? It's not just about using violence against another person. It's about fighting for what's yours and for your loved ones, it means not giving up. Every one of us is a warrior, but we are all warriors of different stripes. Which warrior would you be, and what does it say about you as a person? Take this quiz to find out.
quiz people at concert
Which of these people are you more likely to admire?
Famous Athlete
Spiritual Leader
Actor or TV Personality
Historical Politician / Leader
Your Pet
quiz: clock and stuffed toy
What time do you usually go to bed?
It changes because I often nap
Always by 11
A little after midnight
Early so I can get up early to work out
2 am or later
quiz: dog on human's shoulder
Choose the animal you feel most connected to:
quiz: sloth
quiz: horse
quiz: hawk
quiz: parrot
quiz: tiger
quiz: kangaroo
quiz: hand holding a remote
What would you prefer to watch on television?
Anything old, don't like what they have now.
Whatever has action and adventure
Things that make me laugh
Anything about nature and animals
quiz: shirts of different colors
If you had to wear one thing forever, what would it be?
A Well-Made Suit
Warm and snugly clothes
Something flexible and stretchy
Short, summery clothes
Comfortable work clothes
quiz: man rowing canoe
Of these, which would be your favorite activity?
Working out
Yoga or meditation
A walk in nature
Doing my job
Sunbathing at the beach
Anything that involves my favorite people
quiz: man looking at a view
Choose the vista you like most
quiz: Burmese temples
quiz: mountain view
quiz: desert view
quiz: beach
quiz: forest
quiz: urban landscape
quiz: resting at a fireplace with hot coffee
You've worked overtime all week and you finally have a day to yourself. What do you do?
Get some sleeping done
Go for a walk outside
Go to a good bar
See what needs doing around the house
Won't make any plans, see what happens.
Go to the gym or work out
quiz: 100 dollar bill in jeans pocket
You found 100 dollars you forgot about. What do you do with them?
Put them in my account
Take my spouse out
Put them into my hobby
Buy something new to wear
Leave them in the pocket for another day
Save them for my next grocery day
quiz: woman jumping
If someone told you "Jump!" - What would you say?
"Why waste the energy?"
"How high?"
"With delight!"
"What for?"
"Don't tell me what to do!"
"Great, any physical activity is good."
quiz: calendar
You have a project to do - how long will it take you?
I'll make it before deadline
A few weeks probably
Exactly when I was asked to finish it
Probably later than asked
As long as it takes, I don't know
As long as it doesn't interfere with my personal life, as soon as possible
quiz: dueling pistols
Choose the weapon you think you'd be best with:
quiz: nunchucks
quiz: sword
Quiz: spear
quiz: knife
quiz: bow and arrow
Bow and arrow
quiz: fist
Shaolin Monk
quiz: meditating monk
Nothing can unsettle you, and you know when the right time it is to fight and when it's time to just count to 10, take a deep breath and avoid fighting. The things you enjoy the most are probably sedantary activities like watching your favorite shows or a great nap. You have the ability to give a sense of calm to all those around you and that makes you a very good friend when in need.
Noble Knight
Quiz: knight on horse
You like going on adventures and, if dragons existed, you'd probably ride for weeks to the cave of one to slay it for the good of the kingdom. As a knight, you dedicate your life to what you do and to those you swore loyalty to. These loyalties define you and what you love most. It's not about material good or money, it's about feeling useful and creating the best memories with those you are loyal to.
Fearless Spartan
quiz: spartan warrior
You're one who knows how to get the job done, and people know that about you. No matter if it's a big work project or small home project, you do it all, and know to enjoy the better things in life. No one can match your hard work or willpower. You know fear, but you never let it rule you or stop you from doing what needs to be done.
Lawless Pirate
quiz: Pirate with knife
You're a hard person to lock down. You need a sense of freedom in your life. You'd rather go to the open sea and sail by your own rules. You've dedicated your life to the most important thing - enjoying them. Every day you make decisions that make you and those you love enjoy life a bit more.
Amazon Warrior
quiz: Amazon warrior hunting
The jungle you live in is unexpected, and can bring new surprised with it every day. You go by your hunch, where the wind takes you, and you fear nothing unexpected, because you know you can handle it using the tools you have and using the power of who you are. You are nothing if not flexible and adaptive, and this is something people around you surely admire.
Professional Boxer
quiz: women boxing
It's important to you that each day brings you forward a step in the path you've chose. Even on the weekend, you'll find a way not to just lazy around and doing something that'll keep you active. You have an enormous amount of energy and keeping fit and healthy is very important to you, because you know that's how you enjoy your life. This is a very good attitude that helps you care for your loved ones for many years to come.
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