What Your Cleaning Habits May Reveal...

Different aspects of our personality come into expression even in our daily habits. We drive, we wait in line, and do many other things in a way that may tell, those who know where to look, a lot about what kind of person you are. Cleaning is one of the most telling daily habits. Answer the following questions truthfully and we will tell you something about you!
A pile of dirty dishes
What Do You Do When Your Sink is Full of Dishes?
I don't go to sleep until I've washed them
I'll wait until I feel like washing them
I'll do them tomorrow or the day after
I wash them when I run out of clean dishes
Hands wringing a rag over a bucket
When You Have to Clean the Entire House Thoroughly - How Long Does It Take You?
It'll probably take all weekend
It'll take half a day, but I won't deal with all the dust
About 2 hours, without breaks
I don't believe in it. It's just gonna get dirty again
Washing hands with soap
When Do You Tend to Wash Your Hands?
When I get home, when I make food, and when I leave the bathroom
Before and after touching any strange objects
When I shower
After leaving the bathroom and before eating
Iron on clothes
Do You Tend to Iron Your Clothes Before Wearing Them?
Only if I'm wearing something nice
I don't have an iron
I iron everything, including undergarments
Only my work clothes
piece of cake in the air
What Does This Image Make You Feel?
A stack of brooms
After You Sweep the House, What Do You Do With the Gathered Dirt?
Sweep it outside
Pick it up with paper and then go over with a wet cloth
Use a dustpan to pick it up and throw it in the trash
Leave it in the corner for the next sweep
hands going for food
You're Having Dinner With Some Friends. One of Them Offers You Their Fork to Try Their Food. What Do You Do?
I'll use my hand instead
I will refuse
I won't like it but agree as not to insult them
I would have no problem with it
Attic with scattered objects
Do You Know What You Have in Storage?
Only the major items there
There's stuff there I haven't opened in years, so I'm not sure
It could be that anything I'm missing is there
Of course, I label all boxes I put there
Hospital beds
You Visited Someone at the Hospital. What Do You Do When You Leave?
Wash my hands if I see an available bathroom
Nothing special. There are germs everywhere
Wash my hands and try not to touch anything while there
Use alcohol to clean my hands and wash my clothes
Group of people jumping into the ocean
What Do You Do When You Return From the Beach?
I walk around the boulevard a bit
I keep my swimsuit on until I shower
I wash my legs and feet before going in the car or house, then shower
If my swimsuit is dry I don't mind staying in it
A broken egg next to a mixer
An Egg Has Broken and Spilled on Your Floor. What Do You Do?
I'll pick up the mess with a rag, clean it, and go over the spot again
After picking it up with a moist towel, I'll wash the whole floor
I'll use something to push the egg onto a piece of paper and throw it out
I'll pick up the mess with a paper towel and let the wetness dry on its own
Public restroom
What Do You Do When Using a Public Restroom?
I don't sit on the toilet and I always wash my hands with soap
I place paper on the seat so I don't have to touch it directly
Same as at home
I don't sit on the toilet and wash my hands with water
Jeans hanging to dry
How Many Times Would You Wear a pair of Jeans Before Washing Them?
Three to four times
I wash them only when they look dirty
I don't pay attention to when
Woman reclining over bucket
What Does This Photo Make You Think About?
You Are Irresponsible and Creative
A messy room
You live far from the general expectations of others. You are not intimidated easily and can take criticism when it comes your way. Some people may think you contrary, but you're just "doing things your way" - you don't know any other way to be yourself. You yearn for freedom from rules you don't agree with and are probably highly creative as well as highly generous.
You Like to Enjoy Yourself
three people at the beach
You like enjoying life, and you also like postponing things. That little thrill of not doing something at this very moment is enjoyable too. You don't like formal frameworks, you prefer fluid rules to life. On the other hand, you rarely judge others, making them feel at ease around you.
You're a Balanced and Reasonable Person
Smiling woman with squeegee
You are highly aware of rules and practicalities. This may indicate great self-assurance as well as perhaps a need to please others. You try to do what's right to keep life balanced and healthy. This is a good, balanced ground to stand on, but don't forget to throw a little chaos into your life from time to time, just to surprise yourself.
You Are Meticulous and in Control
cleaning hands with alcohol
You really like things to get done properly. You don't let yourself off easily, and expect the same of others. Your desire for perfection may come from supreme confidence or it can also come from a feeling that you lack control in other areas in life. The good thing about you is you are extremely dependable, you keep your word, and you don't treat other people's property with a lack of respect. You're a good friend to have and to ask for help from.
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