What Kind of Romantic Partner Are You?

This being the month of Love and Valentine's Day is coming up, we'd like to help you understand some things about yourself. What does love mean to you, and what kind of romantic partner are you? Try this personality test to get a small clue.
A perfect first date is...
A relaxed conversation at a caf?
A stroll through a park or promenade
A dinner at a fancy restaurant
What draws you in a potential partner is...
How interesting and intelligent they appear to be
How creative they are
How physically attractive they are
What kind of gift would you like to receive from your significant other?
A bouquet
A dedicated poem or painting
A piece of jewelry
Why do you seek partnership?
Because I need someone who'll understand me
Because I want to be stimulated and challenged by someone
Because I want to be showered with affection
Your favorite spot for eating out is...
A quiet place where you can actually hear your date
A small ethnic restaurant that serves exotic foods you wouldn't find anywhere else
The highest rated restaurant in town
The purest expression of love is...
A kiss
A thoughtful present
The person you're dating is showing signs of jealousy when you're with friends of the opposite sex...
I have a sit-down with them and try to hash things out
I drop them like a bad habit. I'm no one's possession
Good. That means they care about me
The One
You know they're the One when...
We've survived our first major fight unscathed
I can't imagine my life without them
They're open to talk about future plans, marriage, children, etc.
One bad attribute that you exhibit during dates is that you're...
Pretty guarded and cautious
A blabbermouth with a tendency to overshare
A tiny bit judgmental of my date
The waiter brings the bill to your table, you...
Offer to split the bill evenly
Go dutch
Stare at my date expectantly
The house you share with your significant other should...
Accommodate the different needs that we both have
Be a reflection of who we are as a couple
Be spacious, neat and beautifully-furnished
The biggest hurdle your date will have to overcome is...
Getting to know the real me
Leaving a lasting impression
My expectations of them
It's extremely important that my partner gets along with...
My friends
My family
Romantic novel
Your favorite fictional couple is...
Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy (Pride and Prejudice)
Robin Hood and Maid Marian
Romeo and Juliet
Love riddle
What is love?
Compassion, understanding and reciprocity
A living and evolving thing that exists in the air between two people
A real-life fairy tale
The Considerate Lover
You are a caring and supportive person, looking for a soulmate to share your entire life with. You seek a deep emotional and mental connection, but as accommodating as you may be, you are no pushover, and you don't just let anyone in.
The Hopeless Romantic
You have an artist's soul. You view love as a journey of self-discovery and evolution. You don't just look for someone that can handle you, you're looking for the person who'll bring out the best in you.
The Diva
"If you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best." You can be a little demanding, but what of it? You know what you're worth, and you're not going to compromise and sell yourself short.
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