What Kind of Cat Hides Within You?

Cats come in a variety of sizes, colors and types, and each with their own personality. What's certain is that each of them is adorable, even when it's a huge cat that can roar. Some say cats are just little furry people trapped in a cat's body. Do cats reflect people? What kind of cat reflects you? Answer our questions to find out!
Cat sleeping in sunlight
What is your favorite thing to do in the morning?
Breakfast with the family
Having breakfast with friends
Having a work meeting at a coffee shop
Lie in bed and sleep for a few more minutes
Planning my day, step by step
cat licking its nose near milk bowl
The lunch you brought to work has gone missing, what do you do?
Challenge all co-workers until I find the culprit
Walk around the office and see who is eating my food
Put a large sign on the fridge so it doesn't happen again
Buy myself a new lunch
Gather everyone and declare I will not let this pass
Cat eating ice cream
What face applies to you best when you're hungry?
Cat looking at camera
cat with eyes closed
cat against a fence
cay lying on the grass
tired cat
cat sleeping in a bird's nest
Where would you prefer spending time?
Neighbourhood park
On the sofa at home
In bed at home
On a street bench
At work in front of my screen
cat in front of laptop
Wilson Afonso / wikipedia
You were just told you got your dream occupation, what do you do?
Cat looking up
cat enjoying petting
surprised cat
cat lying on bed
cat yelling
sad cat
Your employer comes and berates you for a mistake you made. What will you do?
Admit my mistake
Will stand by what I did, but accept the consequences
I'll have a lot to say, but I'll keep it to myself
Be disappointined in myself, maybe even cry
Argue and try to prove my innocence
Smiling cat
Saving Public Ryan / wikipedia
Try and guess what got the cat in the photo to look like this...
He met a cute girl cat and fell in love
He saw a good friend
Just got his dinner
Just got a new bed
Just beat another cat in a fight
Man holding tiny kitty
What does your face look like when you are looking down at someone?
cat looking directly at camera
winking cat
cat pushing its head forward
cat with head tilted
yawning cat
Cat jumping on another cat
Your spouse came back late at night without telling you, how will you handle it?
Ask directly where they were
Try to contact a shared friend to see if they know
Ignore them for a week
Act like it's no big deal
Get angry and shout
Cat looking to the sky
If you could get a super power, which would it be?
The power of flight
The power to create world peace
Be immortal
Be invisible
The ability to remove some people from my life
cat looks like it's talking on the phone
What do you prefer doing with your free time
Having a discussion with someone whose opinion I value
Going to a party of a celebration
Getting tanned in the sun
Reading a good book
Enhance my abilities or learn a new one
cat wrapped in a towel
Sergey Rodovnichenko / flickr
It's a cold day today, what will you wear?
Nothing special, just put the heating on
Big sweater
Woolly scarf
Big fluffy slippers
A nice wool hat
Aloof Cat
Cat licking its paw
A relaxed, calm and self assured cat hides inside you. You have no problem expressing your opinion and confronting others about how they make you feel. Some will say you're looking for rivals, but actually you're just trying to be honest. It's easy for you to admit your mistakes, and that's what makes people like you, because those who know you know that you are just as hard on yourself as you are on others.
Social Cat
cay lying on its back
Inside you is a cat who loves to be pampered. You're everyone's best friend, and you can usually be found among people who show you affection and love. Your perfect life includes sitting with the people you love best. For you, that's what life is about.
Hunting Cat
A big, wild cat is hiding inside you, keeping its eye on the prize. People notice you when you walk into a room, and you enjoy this attention and what comes with it. You have many goals and you are busy attaining them. Your biggest wish is to be immortal, since you can continue to strive and make your way without a time constraint. Keep this attitude and continue doing what you're doing!
Shy Cat
Hiding cat
A little shy cat hides inside you, enjoying its safe corner and looking quietly at the world. You tend to stay home a lot, and can usually be found near your spouse, attached at the hip. You find it easy to gain satisfaction from the little things in life.
Warrior Cat
angry cat
Inside you hides a cat who is unafraid of biting and scratching. You are a strong, opinionated person, and those who know you know it's not smart to fool with you. You are the one setting the tone in your relationship, and when you aren't happy with the way things are going, you have no problem laying the blame where it's due. You are the kind of person who takes over the world, even if you don't know it yet.
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