How Does Your Brain Work?

The human brain is also known as the "most complex machine in the universe," and we all understand why this is. At any given moment, it allows us to experience our environment, to perform a variety of physical processes, to deal with problems, to experience emotions, to speak, to absorb new information, and more...
However, not all of these skills are performed the same way in all of us; Some people find it easier to cope with challenges than others, some have emotions that are different from their surroundings, and the way we learn new information is influenced by the way the brain works. You probably never thought about this situation this way and you never understood that your brain might be working in a completely different way than that of those around you. To find out whether this is really the case, or whether you and the people close to you do think the same way, you are welcome to answer the following 11 questions and share this test with your friends to find out how your brain works.
A crossroads
When making an important decision...
I consult with relevant experts
I consider my past experience and the decisions I previously made in similar cases
I go with my gut feeling
A brain on cogs next to a question mark
Which field or skill is most developed in you?
Common sense
Historical knowledge
Technical knowledge
Some artistic talent
Mathematical Thinking
Scientific knowledge
A woman meditating in front of a fountain
How important is spirituality in your life?
Very important
Somewhat important
Not important at all
Abstract drawing of a flower
Have you ever seen anything that seemed strange or even repulsive at first, but after a while you realized it was something creative and beautiful?
I don’t recall such a case
A horse jumping over an obstacle
What is the biggest obstacle to success in your opinion?
Lack of motivation
Poor social skills
Slow learning abilities
Disrespect for authority
A lack of experience
social gathering
The people around you should be...
What's important is that i can get along with them
A woman looking at old pictures
If you were required to choose one of the following two options, which one would you choose?
Lose all your past memories
Lose your ability to create new memories
A pensive man
What is more important to you?
General knowledge
The ability to draw conclusions
A student at school
What kind of student were you at school?
Below average
Above average
A little girl daydreaming
Do you daydream often?
No, I'm focused on what I'm doing
Occasionally when I have nothing to do
Yes, and I even really enjoy it
An orderly mind
Brain resting on a palm
The strongest power of your mind is expressed in the acquisition of knowledge that is not based on past experience. In other words, the past has no effect on your ability to learn new things, and your orderly mind is capable of dealing with different types of information. You have a great advantage over people who need to see and feel something to understand it because you have no such limitations and your brain absorbs knowledge as it is - ideas and thoughts that can be applied in different situations as needed. This logic also characterizes the way you solve problems - calmly and with an organized thought about the best outcome for you.
An analytical mind
Brain resting on a palm
Your brain excels in gathering information from the environment, and we are sure that you have often been referred to as a "walking encyclopedia" or similar names. One of the best sources of learning for you is your past, which you have a great ability to analyze and learn from past mistakes and successes. Other people are also a book open to you since you learn from their actions about their character and act accordingly at any given moment to solve problems and impress them for the better. Although it’s difficult for you to acquire new skills without practical experience, once possible, you are sure to impress everyone around you.
A sponge of knowledge
Brain resting on a palm
Your brain is simply a sponge for new information of all kinds! Other people may struggle sometimes to acquire new knowledge by reading or listening to a lecture, but for you, it's really not a problem. In fact, it’s probably safe to assume that after such a learning experience you could explain the information gained to someone else with a problem! Many people are pleasantly surprised by the amount of knowledge you have and you certainly deserve a lot of respect for it, but at the same time, you should be careful not to focus on one particular area. Spreading your knowledge out will help you move forward.
A philosophical mind
Brain resting on a palm
Your brain excels in abstract thinking about subjects that are difficult to explain with simple words. Just like well-known philosophers and thinkers of the past, your knowledge is often the product of a journey through the depths of your deepest and most complex thoughts. It is easiest for you to explain yourself with metaphors, quotes and theoretical examples, which sometimes makes it difficult for those around you to understand. Of course, at such moments you might feel frustrated, but we advise you not to get upset and just accept the situation as it is, because getting angry won’t make others understand you better. Instead, take advantage of your abilities to think and articulate in a creative way, so that you may be able to overcome such communication barriers.
A scientific brain
Brain resting on a palm
Your brain works just like a Swiss watch - it is accurate, reliable and efficient. It allows you to deal with complex thoughts and challenges in simplicity, often by breaking the problem into small parts that can each be handled easily. We are sure that people in school always asked you for help, not only because you were the genius of the class, but also because your summaries and notes always made the material easier and more understandable. It's true that sometimes it's hard for you to see the gray shades of life because your brain is used to seeing only black and white, but if that leads to success and expanding your control in different areas then maybe it's all for the best.
A practical mind
Brain resting on a palm
Your brain excels in transforming data, numbers, instructions, and dry information into something of practical value that can be used. Surprisingly, this ability is unconscious, and sometimes your brain simply draws conclusions and guides you to do things that lead to desired results even if you’re not quite sure how you got there. It may be that you sometimes refer to it as a gut feeling or luck, but it is actually an unconscious ability to take events from history or stories you have heard from others and apply them to your life to navigate it to a desirable place. Alternatively, you are able to read a travel book about a jungle trip and draw ideas for your next area trip with your family or friends. It is only important to be careful not to start relying too much on this ability because some degree of arrogance and excessive self-confidence will cause you to act in ways that you will probably regret in the future.
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