Can We Determine What Your Greatest Strength Is?

In life, nobody is perfect, and everyone has their fair share of strengths and weaknesses. However, some of our strengths stand out more than others. Below, you'll find a highly visual personality test that'll help you work out once and for all what your character's greatest strength is. If you enjoy it, then don't forget to share it with your friends and family too.
old and young lady optical illusion
What's the first thing you see?
An old woman.
A young woman.
colorful jelly beans
Which color do you find the most appealing?
pink fence
dark wood
yellow fence
turquoise fence
tropical beach
If you were stuck on a desert island, what is one item you would bring with you?
A flashlight.
Your favorite book.
A lighter.
A hairbrush.
Phantom of the Opera mask
Which occupation appeals to you the most?
A businessperson.
An actor/actress.
A yoga/gym instructor.
A public speaker.
playing guitars at sundown
What's the most important thing in life?
raining money on man in suit
Would you rather be rich but lonely or poor but happy for the rest of your life?
Rich & Lonely
Poor & Happy
property blueprint
Which home would you rather live in?
luxury mansion
cabin in the woods
large detached house
skyscrapers from below
scared girl
Which of these animals scares you the most?
cockroach on leaf
snarling dog
spider on web
red and yellow snake
paints on pallette
Which work of art appeals to you the most?
The Last Supper
Starry Night
Liberty Leading the People
The Mona Lisa
old room in jail
If you were trapped in a locked room for 3 days, what would you do?
Try everything to escape.
Sleep through it.
Cry and cry and cry...
woman pulling moon
Interesting! Your results show us that your greatest strength is your healthy dose of ambition. You take charge of everything in your life, and you never give up on reaching your goals, no matter how distant or challenging they might seem. Someone like you would make an excellent friend, since ambitious people will never make people they care about give up on their dreams. On the contrary, you'd actually encourage them to go as far as they possibly can, and then go even further! Never change, as your ambition will certainly take you very far, no matter where you go or what you do!
lady in red dress sitting in front of full moon
Interesting! Your results show us that your greatest strength is your healthy dose of charm. As a highly charming person, you have a way with people that most others don't, and can easily make someone like you or do what you want. Be careful how far you use your skills though, since sometimes being too charming may instill jealousy or fear in others. Never change your positive attitude, and you'll find that your charm is going to bring you everything your heart desires and more!
woman meditating on tropical beach
Interesting! Your results show us that your greatest strength is your healthy dose of humility. As a humble person, you know your place in the world perfectly well, and never pretend to be more than who you really are. People admire your humility, and cherish your friendship. Your strength will bring you a lot of love and life experiences, and this is because you'll easily find that many doors that are usually closed for others tend to be wide open for people like you.
woman spraying sun over dark clouds
Interesting! Your results show us that your greatest strength is your healthy dose of optimism. For you, the chalice of life is always half full, no matter how tough the situation may be. Everyone around you continuously admires your positivity, and enjoys the joy you bring to their lives! You're always ready to cheer someone up when they're down, and few souls tend to be kinder than ones like yours. Never change, as the world would be much worse off without people like you!
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