What Great Historical Leader Hides Within You?

Human history is saturated not only with uncontrollable natural events that shaped the appearance of our world but also by the influence of great leaders whose names are eternally engraved in human consciousness. Each of these leaders, mentioned to this day with great reverence and appreciation, had a unique character that enabled him to rise to power and do things that prove their strength and the influence on the course of history. The next unique test will examine your character and determine which great leader you are similar to and whether you too have a spark of greatness.
Brain storm chart
Which of the following is most important to you?
Physical strength - so I can protect myself and those I love
Money - so that my loved ones and I want for nothing
Mental strength - that way I can get through everything that comes my way
Persuasion - that's how you get things in life
Peace of mind - so I can keep my thoughts clear
Which of the following foods most appeals to you?
Tray with fruit, cheese, and crackers
Roasted chicken
Rice with vegetables
A woman jumping between two mountains
What is your definition of success?
Achieving as many goals as possible for myself as quickly as possible
Overcoming difficulties and long-term striving toward my goals
Conquering my impulses and seeing the big picture instead of focusing on immediate gratification
Improving others’ lives through selflessness
Touching people's hearts and bringing a good worldview to their lives
A clock placed next to a notebook
Do you always achieve goals in the time you’ve allotted them?
Depends on the situation
A man in a suit pointing to an illustration of a question mark in front of him
Which of the following describes you best in emergency situations?
I run quickly to solve the problem without thinking about what I’m doing
Solve the problem while thinking about my next action
I don’t stress if I can’t resolve the situation
Do everything in my power to resolve the situation and prevent its recurrence
Take a few seconds to evaluate the situation and only then take action
The hands of two women holding coffee cups
Do you tend to trust people you've just met?
I first talk to them to know whether they can be trusted
Handcuffs and keys
If you were able to commit one of the following crimes knowing you wouldn’t be caught, what would you do?
Rob as many banks as possible
Steal people’s valuable possessions
I would not commit a crime
Overthrow the government and rise in its place
Steal from the rich and give to the poor
A man's hand throwing a fireball
If you could choose one of the following to protect yourself in battle, which would you choose?
A sword
A long rifle
Anything I can get my hands on
A battalion of people to fight alongside me
A heart made of colored circles on wood
How do you pursue people you want to be romantic with?
Show my intentions without fear and saying what I feel
Inquiring about them beforehand and doing things they like to attract their attention
Befriend them and let time work its magic
I am an old-world romantic - with flowers, chocolates, and inviting them to fun dates.
Conduct deep conversations with them to win over their minds and hearts
Hand writing a test
How did you handle exams when you were in school?
I would try to solve as many questions as possible in the beginning so that I would have time to review them
I would read each question carefully and only then answer them
I would first solve the questions I know the answers to and only return to those I haven’t answered at the end
Prepare for exams well to get the best score I could
Study the most for the subjects I was good at and pay less attention to subjects that I was weaker at.
Two cars parked
Driving down an unfamiliar road in a foreign country, you accidentally hit a parked car taking its side view mirror off. What do you do?
I’d continue driving, it's just a mirror so the damage isn’t significant
I'd try putting the mirror back in place and if I can’t, I'll drive away
I'd leave a note with my details to pay for the damages
I never let myself get into these situations
I'd write a letter of apology on the windshield to explain that I'm not from the area and then I'd go on
Group of people talking
How much do you invest in relationships with new people?
I spend as much time with them as possible to get to know them well
Depends on the people and whether I think we’ll be friends over time
I try to give them my full attention when I'm with them
I don’t invest much in new friendships
If I think someone will contribute to my life, I'll spend time. If not then I'll distance myself.
Alexander of Macedon
Statue of Alexander of Macedon
Until his early death at the age of 33, Alexander the Great was known throughout the world as a great leader and commander who succeeded in conquering vast parts of the world. Like him, you also have the qualities of leadership and the ability to conquer goals with relative ease, which makes you a self-confident person. Besides, your personal charm makes many people want to be close to you and even admire your unique character that can’t be found everywhere.
Napoleon Bonaparte
Painting of Napoleon Bonaparte
The great French commander managed to conquer many targets despite the low chances he was given to do so, all thanks to his far-reaching strategic thinking. Like Napoleon, you can see ahead not because of prophetic qualities but because of progressive and revolutionary thinking that allows you to experience more successes than failures. You know what you want and are willing to do what it takes to achieve it, which makes you sometimes isolated, but you can also achieve successes that not many can.
Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela
Library of the London School of Economics and Political Science
The great African leader spent 27 years in various prisons, where he continued to develop and nurture his unique worldview. Like Nelson Mandela, you too have a patient character and the ability to wait a long time to see your efforts bear fruit. You are a compassionate, peace-loving, simple person - three qualities that make people get carried away by you and want to adopt your unique attitude to life, where you can achieve more things with positivity than negativity.
Satue of Moses
Moses led the Israelites in the desert for 40 years, and in the end, he could not even enter the land to which he led them. Moses’ was not quick to accept this role of a leader, and like him, you sometimes find it difficult to see the positive aspects of yourself, the ones that make people give you responsibilities. You are an unselfish person who is often willing to sacrifice your desires for purposes that are not necessarily self-satisfying, so it is no wonder that people want to spend time with you and enjoy your both humble and fascinating nature.
Sun Tzu
Statue of Sun Tzu
The true identity of the leader Sun Tzu is a mystery, and to this day it is not clear when he lived exactly and what it was he actually did. One thing is certain, and that is the effect of his famous book "The Art of War" on leaders and people from all over the world throughout the years. His words in this unique book, which can be applied to any field of life, reflect the power of the word, the power you have. You have a sharp mind and sharp tongue, and through short and precise sentences you manage to attract people around you and at the same time keep an air of mystery that intrigues them.
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