Answer 10 Questions to Learn How Your Mind Works

These 10 questions will try to answer some questions about the TYPE of MIND you have. Is your mind a creative mind? An information-processing mind? Those and others are the possible verdicts of this test. Are you ready? Try to answer these questions to the best of your abilities.
How many animals do you see
number  5
number  7
number 8
Which of these shapes doesn't belong?
can you see the white flashes around the purple rings?
I'm not sure...
Which shape is next in the series?
brown hexagon
purple star
red triangle
black circle
How many cubes are in this image?
number 6
number 9
number 10
number 12
Which image should replace the question mark?
How many 4 sided shapes are in this drawing?
which of these shapes doesn't belong?
What kind of cubecan you make out of this shape?
How many triangles are in this image?
number 1
number 21
number 17
number 27
Your Brain is Excellent at Processing Information
A woman in a suit with a laptop
You have the ability to carry out carefully-considered decisions that affect your life, and you don't like to jump to conclusions too quickly without first pondering your thoughts. You take the time to evaluate the situation you're in, choosing the right path without attending to disorganized thinking. You will carry on the analysis until you know, completely, that you've done what's right.
Your Brain is Super Creative
sand castle
have an incredibly creative mind, which helps you understand the space around you and leads you to every eventuality in one way or another. You tend to think best when in motion or when working with your hands. You have creative and special solutions to most problems, and often surprise others with your out-of-the-box thinking.
You Have the Mind of a Jack of All Trades
Vitruvian Man by Da Vinci
re a creative, talented and intuitive person. Despite this, you also have a very logical mind. All these make you person with the wonderful ability to fully imagine processes from beginning to end, helping you understand complex things, especially when presented with visual aides. You are probably also naturally talented in the arts, perhaps sports as well - a real jack of all trades!
You Have a Highly Perceptive Mind
human skull with formula behind it
You have an exceptional ability to discern details, and there is seldom a moment you don't try to drive yourself forward. When you feel like your intuition is leading you astray, you have no problem doing the opposite thing of what it tells you. You aren't afraid of dealing with number challenges, riddles or any sort of real life problems, and you waste very little emotional energy worrying about the future. You prefer to focus on what is right before you.
Your Mind Excels at Focus and Concentration
Zoom lense
based on your answers, you seem to be a person of rare focus, brain power and speed-of-thought. You have an incredible memory and you rarely find yourself confused. This makes you one of the best people to have at an emergency that requires fast, smart thinking, and with someone who will remember what to do.
You Have a Philosophical Mind
Statue of Socrates
You have a logical of seeing things, and your mind draws your attention to little details other people may miss. You're a person with excellent listening ability and it's easy for you to make out patterns. What drives you in life is your curiosity. You love learning things in-depth and not just go for the shallow stuff. You try to base your decisions on evidence and that's why you're someone who can be counted on to be fair.
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