What is Your Greek Archetype?

The ancient Greeks believed that humans have four main personality types: optimistic, impatient, calm and analytical. According to them, these personality types have a great influence on who we are, how we act, and how we make our decisions. The Greek physician Hippocrates believed that these four types of personality were created out of excess or lack of four different types of body fluids: yellow bile, black bile, phlegm, and blood. Whether this is an established theory or not, the quiz before you was built upon it, and we invite you to answer the following questions to find out which personality type describes you best!
Locked doors
How do you feel when you encounter unexpected situations?
I like unexpected situations
They make me very uncomfortable
I'm not sure
They don’t bother me, but I'm not a fan of surprises
A man standing on a mountain
Are you a spontaneous person?
Not at all
No, but I adjust to new situations quickly if necessary
I’m somewhat spontaneous
bored woman
Are you easily bored?
I'm never bored
If I get bored I find something to do
Some of the time
A pile of wool yarn
How diverse are your interests?
I don’t have many interests
I focus on one thing at a time
My interests are relatively diverse
I'm interested in the people around me more than in other things
A box with smiling dolls
Are you driven by emotions?
I can avoid it much of the time
I am very influenced by how I feel
Burned-out bulb
How high is your energy level usually?
I'm not a particularly energetic person
It depends on my mood
Very high
Average relative to others
Flip-flops on sand
Which of the following describes the perfect weekend in your eyes?
Learning new things that could move me forward in life
Spending quality time with my spouse
Spending quality time with family and friends
A trip to a new place that I have not yet visited
Rolled bills
I usually spend money on...
Buying gifts for others
Purchasing expensive items or gaining unique experiences
Purchasing objects that are useful or of real value
I divide my money between expenses according to my budget
A measure of heart activity
How well do you manage to fight your impulses?
I act according to my impulses, but very carefully
Impulses don’t affect my plans, so I don’t have to fight them
I always stop for a moment and think before I act
I try, but it's often hard for me to fight my impulses
Skyscrapers in New York City
Where would you rather live?
In a place with amazing natural landscapes
In a big city
In the neighborhood where I grew up
It's hard for me to decide
You are an optimistic person
woman with hands in the air
You’re curious and creative, love the little pleasures life has to offer and enjoy impressing others with your external appearance. You aren’t afraid of taking risks when going after your dreams, and you may easily get bored from day to day habitual life. Because there is always something going on in your life you prefer to focus on only a few things at one time, instead of paying your full attention to each one separately.
You are an impatient person
woman with smoke coming out of her ears
You are a person who holds money to high regard and enjoys working, but at the same time has trouble holding down jobs that require you to meet other’s demands. You like proving your abilities instead of just talking about them, and you are capable of succeeding in life because of the analytical and logical thinking that characterize you. You just need to control your temper to allow others to help you do so.
You are a calm person
woman facing a meadow
Imagination is what differentiates you from others and you often try to interpret other’s thought to deeply understand their feelings. You always do your best to find a positive solution to arguments that spring up between your friends, but unfortunately, you have a hard time solving problems that you face. Luckily, even when facing a problem, you stay cool calm and collected.
You are an analytical person
womanon the computer
You are very loyal to your family and to the people who are part of your daily life, you don’t have a problem working in a hierarchy because order is very important in your life. Because you tend to rely on facts and not on feelings when trying to prove something, you are known as being pessimistic from time to time. Patience can lead you to success, therefore it’s better that you pause and weigh all your options before coming to conclusions.
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