WARNING! This Quiz Knows More About You Than You!

Every human being possesses multiple character traits, which make us all exactly who we are. However, some of our traits are far more dominant than others. By answering the questions below honestly, you'll be able to determine which 3 of your traits are the most dominant, depending on your unique personality. Do you think we'll manage to work you out? Give it a try and find out!
man with lipstick on collar
At any point in your life, have you ever had at least 2 lovers at once?
yes on wood background
no on wood background
not sure on wood background
taking selfie in the sea
Has technology caused more harm than good?
yes on wood background
no on wood background
not sure on wood background
staircase murder concept
Can killing another person ever really be justified?
yes on pink background
no on pink background
not sure on pink background
2 young men chatting
While talking to people, you...
Stand with your arms folded
Have your hands clasped
Have one or both of your hands on your hips
Touch or push the person to whom you are talking
Play with your hair, chin or ears
None of the above
young couple laughing
When something really amuses you, you react with...
A big, appreciative laugh
A laugh, but not a loud one
A quiet chuckle
A sheepish smile
silly man wearing furry hat
How often do you feel crazy?
All the time on yellow background
Sometimes on yellow background
Rarely on yellow background
Never on yellow background
Water raft at Europa Park
How often do you feel that life is fun?
All the time on yellow background
Sometimes on yellow background
Rarely on yellow background
Never on yellow background
sheep mirror image
How often do you find yourself talking to yourself?
All the time on yellow background
Sometimes on yellow background
Rarely on yellow background
Never on yellow background
daring woman suspended above city
Choose a synonym for crazy...
puppy and kitten
Which of the following pets is your favorite?
None of the above
abstract ceiling
Are you better at learning principles or abstractions?
dirt bike silhouette
The past year of your life has been more...
colored pencils
Which of the following colors appeals to you the most?
yellow vegetables
green bamboo
purple flowers
black cat on black background
blond woman sleeping
When you're in bed at night, in those last moments before going to sleep, you're
Stretched out on your back
Stretched out face down on your stomach
On your side, slightly curled
With your head on one arm
With your head under the covers
I'm not sure
Something not listed...
You are joyful, hopeful, and down-to-earth.
elderly man holding baby
You are joyful, very hopeful, and down-to-earth. You feel pretty comfortable with yourself, and tend to trust your own judgment. You are also very friendly and athletic, and have a great sense of humor. You know your life belongs to you, and you don't let failure, criticism, or negative people set you back. Your motto is: "Life before death, strength before weakness, and journey before destination." Your wisdom and wonderful attitude are truly a blessing to the world.
You are courageous, daring, and independent.
doing a backflip off cliff at dusk
You are a highly courageous, daring, and independent person. You fix your own problems and work best by yourself, without needing to worry about unnecessary or time-consuming interference from other people. You neither seek the approval of others, nor feel the need to please everyone. You are in your prime – avant-garde and imaginative – and your life motto is: "Always do what you're afraid of." People like you make sure that the world keeps moving forward, no matter what!
You are reliable, conscientious, and painstaking.
little girl doing a thumbs-up
You are a very reliable, conscientious, and painstaking person. You always make sure to put others first, take on their needs as your own, and find helping them rewarding. You are kind and warm-hearted, and you tend to make people feel good about themselves. Your life motto is: "Be a little kinder than you have to." Your beautiful character ensures that no matter how dark the world gets, there's always going to be a ray of light pushing through!
You are authentic, bold, and self-motivated.
black and white nude woman in lake
You are a highly authentic, bold, and self-motivated person. You are adventurous in your spirit, and are always open to new experiences. You like diversity, and have a strong need for liberty. You also have a tendency to be impulsive and are often attracted to irregularity. You challenge the rules and enjoy the unfamiliar. People like you make the world a far more fun and interesting place to live in, so go out and do your thing!
You are compassionate, passionate, and gentle.
Asian woman with umbrella in forest
You are truly compassionate, passionate, and gentle person. You are the ultimate romantic, and absolutely hate being alone, and generally need a soul-mate to determine your path in life. You believe in the influential power of fairy-tales, and have an intense need for romance and happiness. You are also an extremely kind person, and can't stand to see others suffering, so as a result you often find yourself helping people while others just walk on by. The world could do with many more people like you!
You are innovative, audacious, and independent.
man with light bulb head
You are a very innovative, audacious, and independent person. You are not big on tradition, and tend to be a much more down-to-earth and progressive person. 'Revolution' is in your core, and you often tend to surprise people (and sometimes even yourself). You are so artistic and eccentric that people often find your actions strange, obscure, and non-conformist, however we strongly believe that this should be considered to be a good thing. Your life motto is: "I live by my own rules!"
You are diligent, attentive, and conscientious.
farmer smiling next to ox
You are a highly diligent, attentive, and conscientious person. You are guided by definitions, rational reasoning, and critical analysis, and your assumptions and hypotheses about life are generally close to spot-on. You are detail-oriented, and you generally favor 'evidence' over 'gut feelings', and 'certainty' over 'illusion'. Your life motto is: "Everything in moderation, including moderation." The world is a far more rational and reasonable place thanks to people like you!
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