What Musical Instrument Are You?

Music fills our lives with lyrics and tunes which are created by many wonderful instruments. Each instrument has its own unique sound, and you could even say that each instrument has a character and personality of its own. This quiz will determine which instrument you are based on your answers, and will reveal things that you might know and some that might just surprise you.
empty office
You get a surprising call from work that all employees have been given a day off as a gift from management. How do you spend it?
Go out on a short trip.
Binge watch your favorite series.
Work on your collection.
Plan an outing with a friend.
Jump up in happiness and only then think of what to do.
cockroach on a leaf
You get home after a long day and find a cockroach waiting to greet you at the door, what do you do?
Pick it up with my hands and take it outside.
Shout and look for something to throw at it.
Keep cool and go look for some bug spray.
Take a broom and sweep it outside
Kill it with my shoe and see if there are any more in the house
crows perched on wicker chairs
What is the first thing you see when you look at this picture?
The crows
The wicker chairs
The flowers
The red tablecloth
table with bowl of strawberrys glass of milk and vase
What is your favorite breakfast?
I’m good with coffee and a muffin
A full breakfast with eggs, toast, and bacon
I'd rather something meaty than something dairy
Pancakes, waffles, and anything else that’s sweet
hand holding cellphone
Do your friends have special nicknames on your phone's contacts list?
You got free tickets to a concert of a band you don’t know. What do you do?
Go to the concert anyway and get to know the band
Give them to someone who likes the band
Grimace, then try to sell them off
Throw them out
I'll start listening to their songs as soon as possible and, if I like them, I'll go to the concert
man and woman holding hands
You run into an old friend you haven’t seen in a while, how do you act?
Ignore them and keep walking
Have an awkward conversation
Invite them out for coffee to catch up
Be happy and hug them
Immediately ask them as many questions about their life as I can
desktop computer with browser open to facebook
You find out through social media that a friend has been fired from their job, what do you do?
Send a message to ask what happened
Feel bad and try to comfort them over the phone
Offer to meet up to talk about what happened
sunglasses on sand
You’ve been given the option to go on a trip with your colleagues or stay back and work, which do you choose?
I’d rather stay back and work
Go on the trip and try to enjoy myself
There’s no question – go on the trip and make it fun
Gladly go on the trip and try to spend as much time as I can with my colleagues
If the trip is to somewhere I like then I’ll go, if not, I’ll take a day off instead
If you could time travel, what era would you go back to?
The 1960’s
England in the beginning of the 20th century
To the Dinosaur age
The beginning of the Industrial Revolution
The Middle Ages
rolls of colorful fabric
Which of these colors makes you feel calm?
You’re riding on a crowded bus and next to you is a mother with a baby that won’t stop crying, how do you react?
I won’t do anything because there is nothing I can do
If it’s a long ride, I would probably get angry and ask the mother to take care of the crying
Try to help the mother soothe the baby
Look for another seat for the mother to sit
Move to another seat to get away from the noise
Shadow of man and woman laughing at eachother
Do you often argue with people around you?
Which of the following sweets do you prefer?
Ice cream with bananas, nuts, chocolate, and marshmallows
Chocolate chip cookies
Warm chocolate cake
Buttercream layered cake
The Guitar
You have the ability to adapt to your environment, due to being both a relaxed and lively character - just like a classic and electric guitar. Your ability to connect with many types of people definitely characterizes you, and your many friends, who you’re the first person they call for a night out, will testify to this. You enjoy the life you have built for yourself, and your mental agility will help you a great deal in every aspect of your life.
The Violin
You are a person who likes to keep to yourself and take a break from the hustle and bustle around you, which sometimes burdens you emotionally. This doesn’t mean that you are not a social person, but that you simply pick people in your company to suit your quiet nature. You prefer to spend your evenings at home, and you find happiness in quiet moments, something that many others do not know how to do.
The Piano
Mood swings characterize you - you can be calm and relaxed and suddenly change in an instant. The people around you love you enough to know that these swings are momentary and fleeting, and that your quiet moments overshadow them. You have a varied and interesting nature, and you know how to get along in difficult situations and get out of them with relative ease without making a fuss.
The Drums
It's hard for you to sit in one place for a long time, and you're always looking for the next adventure in your life, small or big as it may be. Your spontaneity surprises people who know you best, and that's one of the things that makes them fall in love with you. You jump from task to task without completing the previous one, which can hold you back, but your personal charm makes people ignore those moments.
The Cello
You tend to sink into your thoughts even when surrounded by noise, and many people see you as a mysterious person whose character is difficult to decipher. You are attracted to things with a dark character and you’re not afraid when faced with them. The people around you get to know you slowly, but they probably will never completely appreciate you, and that's exactly what you know and appreciate about yourself.
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