Which Cat Breed Would You Be?

Some people may think that cat breeds, unlike dog breeds, are all the same. However, for those who know cats, nothing could be further from the truth. Many cat breeds are very distinct in their look and behavior. Which cat breed is most like YOU, though? This fun quiz sets to find out...
Choose your favorite movie cat:
Snowbell (Stuart Little)
Marie (Disney Aristocats)
Jinxy (Meet the Parents)
Mrs. Norris (Harry Potter)
Who were you in high school?
The Jock
Smart, Quite One
Friend with Everybody
Popular Kid
Class President
The One Who Always Sleeps in Class
You woke up late, what do you complain about?
I miss my morning work out!
Oh dear, my meeting!
Why did nobody wake me?!
Ah, I didn't set the alarm
Well then, no shower again today
Your parents/roommates brought guests to your house. What do you do?
Are they cute?
Talk to them about current issues
Go to the gym instead
Lock myself in my room
Fun! Let's meet them
What makes you happy?
Having fun with friends
Having quality time for myself
I'm the winner
Being pampered
Being the center of attention
Learning something new
Doing my hobby
Fitness and health
How do you feel about other people?
The more people I know, the better
I find myself better than most people
I need them.. to help me
I don't like people, especially crowds
They are the source of world's power
Lazy people is the worst kind
What is your favorite TV show?
The Biggest Loser
Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey
Keeping up with the Kardashians
Here Comes Honey Boo-boo
Miss Universe
The Apprentice
The Amazing Race
Do you think you can live without other people?
What is your dream job?
Job? Please. People do things for me
Anything people-oriented
Getting paid without doing anything
Mostly, you get complaints for being...
Act tough all the time
Not friendly
What is your ideal living place?
Big house with lots of servants
Anywhere near a gym or a park
Somewhere quiet
Suburb with my own family, keep it traditional
The big city
You are a Ragdoll!
You are one of the most well-mannered personality there is! <br><br> As a Ragdoll Cat, you know how to behave in front of people, you always know what to say and when to say it, and you can adapt yourself easily in new environments. You are polite, laid-back, respect traditions, and love the people around you. BUT it doesn't mean you're no fun! Because you do light up the room! Only you know not to be over doing it. Although, some people can misjudge you for being cold, lazy, stuck-up, or even a snob. Probably it's because you can be quite and keep things for yourself most of the time. Don't worry! Just show those big beautiful (probably blue) eyes of yours and melt their hearts!
You are a Norwegian Forest Cat!
A breed whose ancestors hung around the Vikings! <br><br> As a Wegie cat, you are a survivor and have strong personalities. You are an athlete by nature, you like to be active and energetic all the time. You take your exercise regularly and like to show them those sweet muscles, don't ya? Despite all that, you secretly have a very gentle heart. You like to cuddle, also you are loving, friendly, and family-oriented. Balance your life and you can survive anything!
You are a Russian Blue!
'Look before you leap' is the mantra for you. <br><br> As a Russian Blue cat, you are very intelligent and cautious. You have a very good memory and never forget things people said or did to you (especially the bad ones). You are generally a loving person, but only to few people you know your whole life. You don't like changes or forced to adapt in new environments. You don't like strangers, so you prefer being alone or in a small group of your favorite people. You do things to entertain yourself. Don't let this be your weakness, turn that hobby of yours to something amazing!
You are a Siamese!
“We are Siamese if you please. We are Siamese if you don’t please.” lines from Disney’s Lady and the Tramp. <br><br> As a Siamese cat, you like to dress to impress and look sophisticated like, always. The most stand out personality of yours is you are talkative and opinionated. You tell people exactly what you think and you expect them to pay attention and act on your advice. You will get upset if people don't take care of you enough. You are highly social and love to be loved. But be careful, don't depend on other people too much. What will you do if one day you are left alone?
You are a Turkish Angora!
Beautiful and elegant on the surface, energetic and intelligent on the inside. <br><br> As a Turkish Angora cat, you enjoy a good conversation and can keep up with a long discussion. You are highly intelligent and a problem solver that like to be in control of your surroundings. Sometimes you can be stubborn. But when it comes to the right people, you can be loving and devoted. You're a fun leader of a group, people will think twice before arguing with you!
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