What Kind of General Would You Make?

What makes a good general? That's not as easy a question as you might think. Leading soldiers to war, making plans that may affect many lives. Devising strategies and worrying about the minds of your enemies. Over history, there have been many types of generals, and the best ones had a few of them combined, depending on the battle. The questions in this quiz have been devised to understand what kind of tactics and strategies you are likely to use as a general. Now Cry 'Havoc!,' and let slip the dogs of war...
When you are among a group of friends, what is your usual role?
I adjust to the current mood of the group
I am happy and peppy and talk a mile a minute
I'm quiet, looking at others and wondering what they think
I'm usually the leader
I'm the one who comes up with ideas for activities
When it comes to a fight, which of these animals do you feel like most?
A Raging Elephant
A Storming Tiger
A Determined Dog
A Deadly Crocodile
A Quick Monkey
Your family is making you go to a reunion you really want to avoid. What do you do?
Have it out with my family immediately. No secrets.
Smile and agree but pretend to be sick on the day.
Find a brilliant lie to tell and make it a reality, like volunteering that day
Slowly talk to to members of the family and ready the ground for me not coming.
Flat out refuse. Nobody tells me what to do.
It's between you and another co-worker for a coveted position. The other worker is ahead of you. What do you do?
Try to intimidate them by being more aggressive
Try to plan it so they make an obvious mistake that everyone can see
Do your work well and focus on it, the other person can't beat me if I'm committed.
Find something dirty about the worker and make sure the boss finds out.
If you could be a general commanding a war in any period of time, which of these would you choose?
During modern times
During the Crusades
During the Napoleonic Wars
Far back before weapons, when people fought with fists and stones
During the American Civil War
Which of these leisure activities do you prefer?
Playing Sports
Doing something artistic
Reading a book
Using Social Media
It's the middle of the night and you're alone in the house when you hear a noise downstairs. What do you do?
Take a baseball bat and run downstairs
Call 9-1-1
Make a small noise to see if it makes whatever it is run away
Sneak downstairs very quietly with a weapon and hunt down the noise
Close my eyes and pretend to be asleep
Which of these movie genres would you usually prefer to watch?
Anything Action
A Thriller
A Drama
A Comedy
A Sci Fi
If you could choose any of these careers, which would it be?
Something simple and direct
Something Artistic
Working for a non-profit organization
A Rich Banker
A Rich Thief
It's hundreds of years ago and you are a soldier in a bloody and ruthless war. You and one other soldier are the sole survivors of a vicious battle. There are 3 enemy soldiers left. They are somewhere in the woods with you. The other soldier is looking at you expectantly, waiting for your orders. What do you do?
We find them and immediately attack them roaring. Surprise and fear will compensate for numbers.
Find a hiding place until we know where they are, slowly collect information about their weaknesses and, when they least expect it, fall on them and dispatch them.
We hide and wait for them to think us dead. Then we make our way back to report to our immediate superior. Live to fight another day.
Split up and sneak around making the sounds of more soldiers being present to make them scared in hopes they retreat.
Find a good place to defend. Work quickly to try and set up traps and then lure the other soldiers in the hopes that the traps and the ambush will be enough.
The Storming General
You are the kind of general who would love nothing more than to lead from the front if you could. You believe in taking direct and decisive action, to overwhelm the enemy with your quick attacks and take the battle to them. Make them take the defensive, put them on their back leg and then finish the job by using surprise and zero hesitation. Your soldiers know that you are a warrior like them, and they respect you for it. War can be a game of chess, but in life, the first to act is often the winner, and that's something you know very well.
The Cautious General
You are methodic, strategic. You like to think moves ahead and have all resources accounted for before beginning your campaign. You have lists, maps, plans, and backup plans. You will not storm the field, nor surprise the enemy. You prefer to defend rather than attack, that way you have more control over the battlefield. You take your time to put everything in position. You have a chess player's mind, and some of the greatest generals have had this quality. Your soldiers believe in you because you don't risk their lives without cause, and your careful planning leaves their bellies full and their equipment supplied.
The Sneaky General
You don't like to play by the rules, and you hate a fair fight. You'll study the area, know everything you can, and think of every dirty, underhanded trick in the book you can think of to hamper and destroy the enemy. You'll send someone at night to poison their supplies or burn their camp down. You'll find a secret passage and hide soldiers there to come at the enemy's back. You'll find a cowherd and run it towards the enemy. As they say, in love and war - there are no rules. Your soldiers like you because they feel like you are more devious than others, and thus more ruthless and more likely to win.
The Creative General
You are the kind of general whose mind never rests and his enemies never do either, because they never know what kind of scheme, cunning plan or reverse ruse you may be playing. It may not be sneaky, it may just be a creative way to get to the enemy's supplies or shut down their local support - but they know you'll think of SOMETHING, and it makes them worry. Creative generals are unexpected, and they got to where they are because that unexpectedness, that creativity, was something a rival general finds it very hard to predict. Your soldiers trust and almost idolize you because you create these genius plans, the inspiration to which they cannot fathom. They feel safer knowing their general will be thinking of things other generals don't.
The Idealistic General
You must believe in a cause to fight for it. Your mind is aflame with rage at the enemy, for you truly believe in your mission against them. You will do anything, sacrifice anything, for the ideals you believe in. You will make sure that your soldiers all believe in the same goal, and become truly brothers in arms in spirit as well. Many wars have been through the power of utter conviction. Regular soldiers get scared and run, but those inspired by their leader to true ideals and belief will not. They will fight wounded, they will bring others with them down, for they believe in your cause. And, because they know you believe in it wholeheartedly, they believe in YOU.
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