Choose a Rhyme and Learn About Yourself

This is a chaotic time in the world's life, and many people are perceiving this period in many different ways. In this test, we will ask you to choose a rhyme for the lines we present, we will then analyze your choices and produce a result regarding your outlook during this period of time. You can try it again at a later date to see if things have changed for you. However, it is important you make a quick, snap decision and not a calculating one in order for the quiz to work.
I got up early today, for what?
To go and Play!
To sit and Pray!
nothing, I'd rather Stay.
To get Underway!
Today is going long, perhaps I should...
Sing a song!
Make my will strong!
Try not to prolong!
Go where I belong!
Living life is great, but beware...
Your State.
Your Weight.
Your Fate.
Your Hate.
Sometimes I wonder and think, What if
I should see a Shrink?
life passes like a wink?
life were more Pink?
I am close to the Brink?
I look out the window and see...
Everything beautiful is free.
Things that make me want to flee.
There is never any guarantee.
For everything there is a fee.
To a family, the most important thing...
is that the parent is king.
is the happiness you bring.
is to take them under your wing.
is not to let them cling.
It's important our children know...
to always take things slow.
not to let their trouble grow.
how to survive life's blows.
how to make their cup overflow.
When life comes to an end, what's important is...
you didn't pretend.
you made friends.
you get to transcend.
you make amends.
I just got up from my bed...
too many thoughts inside my head.
think I'll eat something instead.
can't wait for the day ahead.
It's time for the daily dread.
When alone I always feel,
as if the world isn't real.
that being alone is a raw deal.
bored and in need of a meal.
that this is a good time to heal.
Dark and Pessimistic Time
This period in time may be a dark one for you, one that seems more cloudy than sunny. The future seems menacing instead of promising, and a host of bad thoughts attack you awake and sleeping, giving you a hard time from within as you dread those things without. <br><br> It's a worn-out old saying, but it has universal wisdom. This too shall pass. When we are sick, we feel as if we were never healthy. When we are healthy, we forget what it's like to be sickly. The same goes for these periods in our life. One day it will pass, and you'll feel different. Live as if that is true, and hopefully, it will be. But if you don't see an end in sight, seek some help, it's quite alright.
Light and Optimistic Time
This is a good period in your life! We're so glad to hear it. It may not always seem that way because most of us are usually thinking about immediate problems. But if you stop for a moment, you may come to realize there is something good about this time in your life. Perhaps you are busy with something interesting or carving your niche in the world, and perhaps you get to have some rest. Seems like you have quite a lot going for you right now, especially inside yourself, where there's good energy going. Sounds like you're working with a lot, so enjoy what you've got!
Anxious Time
This is not a great time in your life, is it? It may be stressing you and pressing you, making you worry and the future blurry. We're sorry to hear it, but you're not alone, for so many of us this feeling is well known. It's never fun to be under the gun, so you're allowed to moan and groan. <br><br> Most of us are usually looking too much ahead or down at the ground to grasp the whole span of our lives. But when you think back, were there places worse than where you are now? Were there worse times? What is there to cherish? I bet you'll find a whole lot, so enjoy what you've got!
Goal-Oriented Time
For you, this time is not one of any great emotional problems or some special happy time; for you, this is a time to get things done. You are laser-focused on your current goals. You may be under some pressure, but you are more worried about the results than what it costs to get there right now. Whether it's business, your relationship, your familial goals or some personal expression of self, you are driven, and it is at the forefront of your thoughts. <br><br> Well, we say go get'em! Use this time of focus and devotion on your part; this is the time to make the big changes and to be bold and brave. Take risks, use that flame inside you and get things rolling!
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