This Visual Test Will Tell You Something You May Not Know

Every man, woman or even child has a mysterious force inside them they are not aware of, but others can sometimes glimpse in their eyes. Sometimes we inherit it from our parents. Other times it is something we were just born with or developed ourselves along the line. Whether you are aware of your hidden strength or not, the answer you get on this test may surprise you...
Colorful pencils touching tips
Choose a color:
reddish brown
Choose a sea-scape
angry sea
dazzling sea
calm sea
Choose a pattern:
pattern green leaves
colorful circles
many lines creating forms
colorful drop-shapes
Lightly clouded sky
Choose a photo of the sky:
skies with grey clouds
Blue skies with one white cloud
Night skies with a bit of stars
Sky during sunrise
Night sky filled with stars
sunset sky
world map
Choose a famous destination:
Giza pyramids
the Alps
The Grand Canyon
Easter islands
Eiffel tower
moon cycle
Choose a photo of the moon:
crescent moon
full moon
moon over sea
red moon
half moon
Choose a flower:
purple flower
yellow flower with many petals
pink flower with many petals
pink flower with few petals
White flower
yellow flower with few petals
Choose a Cat:
cat looking at camera
sleeping cat
Cat scratching on fence
Pampered cat in bed
surprised cat
Sea sunset
Choose a sunset:
sunset over field
sunset in turquoise
Sunset with blue skies
orange sunset over the sea
hand full of hearts giving thumbs up
Choose Your Favorite Image:
woman at beach
tent under northern lights
basketball player dunking ball
hashi photo
A man walks through sea gate
Your Hidden Strength is Courtesy
holding hands
Courtesy is more powerful than people think. It means you care for others, not because society says so, but because you actually care and you're not afraid to show it. You're a courteous person who volunteers to help, no matter the personal cost. This courtesy is usually returned to you eventually, because people are aware you're a giver, which makes them want to repay you in kind.
Your Hidden Strength is Intelligence
brain stem
You are that person who always knows what's happening around you. You have the uncanny ability of reading between the lines of a situation or a conversation. You enjoy discussing ideas rather than people and enjoy a stimulating conversation more than an 'exciting' one.
Your Hidden Strength is Loyalty
pinky swear
When push comes to shove, YOU are the person people want to have around them, because they know you will walk through hell and high water for them. No matter the challenge, the people around you know that your word is iron and your loyalty steel. Not many can claim that, which makes you a terrific person to be friends with.
Your Hidden Strength is Determination
woman standing on mountain top
There is no force more impressive or powerful than mere determination. You never quit, no matter how hard things get. You know life isn't easy but your determination and sheer will often make improbable things happen anyway. We'd tell you to keep it up but you don't need us to tell you that.
Your Hidden Strength is Diplomacy
shaking hands
Diplomacy is often what makes the world keep spinning. This is double true for social relations among friends and family. It's a good thing they have you, the person who knows how to improve communication and make peace. You are invaluable in social situations, and any manager would love to have a person like you on their team.
Your Hidden Strength is Leadership
man in suit
You don't follow the tracks others leave in their wake. You make your own tracks. You are the kind of person who takes others forward and makes things happen. You have the power to unite people from different backgrounds and make them follow you wherever you lead them.
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