What Fictional World Would Suit You Best?

This world is all fine and good, but there's a reason we often create our own. Are there fictional worlds more right for you than this one? Which would it be? Take our latest personality test and find out...
Aliens have come to Earth and have requested 100 volunteers to go with them back to their planet, never to return. Would you go?
No, I would like to live my life on my own planet
Yes, even though it would be a big sacrifice
No, I'm not interested in alien life
Yes, because I don't like this planet
Complete the sentence: If I were born a thousand years ago, I would have liked to have been...
A Warrior
A Mystic
A Priest
A Leader
A Hero
What kind of movies do you enjoy on the big screen?
Action and thrillers
Big Sci Fi extravaganzas
Anything to do with the supernatural
Fantasy and grand adventure
Epic scenes of war
Who do you usually root for in movies and books?
The central figure, whoever that may be
The weak underdog
The hardened fighter
The person with the most faith and peace
The person who is the most innocent
The youngest person who has the most to learn
If you travelled to the future 500 years from now, what would like to see?
Humanity maturing and becoming more peaceful
The universe becoming an exciting place, full of adventure
A return to a more simple way of life aided by technology so advanced it may as well be magic
Humans no longer fear death or the cycles of time
Would you rather live 300 years ago or 300 years in the future?
300 years ago
300 years from now
How spiritual do you consider yourself to be?
My spiritual side is my most important aspect
About the same as most
Not very spiritual
Very spiritual
What do you enjoy more, reading or watching?
I read a lot more than I watch
I watch a lot more than I read
I do both quite a bit
I hardly read and watch a lot
I barely watch but I read a lot
You are walking down the street when a glowing gateway appears before you. It starts at 3 meters wide and is closing. What do you do?
I dive through it, no matter what awaits me.
I let it close and remain where I am
I take a video and report it
I let it close but wait to see if it will open again and if it does - I go through it.
What is the best way to rule a nation?
An alliance of ruling nations that leaves the market free without rules
A system of democratic government
A righteous king who cares about his subjects
A socialist society that takes care of all its citizens' needs
Pick a special ability only you will have.
The ability to shoot lightning from my hands
The ability to visit other planets
The ability to speak to animals
The ability to summon a magic dragon that'll obey your commands
If you could add one incredible thing to THIS world, what would it be?
Make magic and spells real
Advance our technology 1000 years
Make magical creatures real
Make advanced robots real right now
Give the world an alien enemy to triumph over and unite us
Harry Potter's World
Welcome to the Harry Potter World! This world is a lot like our own, and in fact encompasses our own, existing side-by-side with it. In effect, you are adding to our world instead of leaving it. <br><br>The important difference, however, is that this world is full of magic, both in its history and in its everyday life. Magic replaces technology while allowing you to live as simply as you want but in comfort. At the same time, you can incredible and daring adventures as a student of magic and as an adventurer of the more magical places in the world you never knew about as a regular human. There are risks, of course, but life is ever so interesting...
Middle Earth
Welcome to Middle Earth, the world of The Lord of the Rings books and movies. This is a land of pure and deep magics. There are more than just humans around, there are hobbits, elves and dwarfs - among others. There are angels and demons, monsters and wizards. This is a place also of deep spirituality and resolve. An ancient land that has known great war and sacrifice and has raised hardened sons and daughters. <br><br>However, it is a place where one can discover their true worth, if they are so bold. A land of sword and magic, of pure good and pure evil. If you have resolve and are strong you can become a hero the likes of which minstrels will sing for hundreds of generations.
A Galaxy Far Far Away...
Welcome to the Star Wars Universe! This is a universe completely separate from our own. Here humans, aliens and robots all live side by side without problem. Space travel has been around for thousands of years, so you can go anywhere in this huge galaxy of ours, looking for high adventure and profit. <br><br>This universe is alive with adventure and a completely free market. If you are bold enough, you can make your fame and fortune and have incredible adventures, or even cultivate your mystic side and join the peaceful but powerful order of the Jedi...
Star Trek
Welcome to the futuristic world of Star Trek! This world shares our history, but in the 22nd century things change as we develop interstellar flight and meet other intelligent alien species. You will arrive in the 24th century, and the universe is a very advanced place. Our world knows no war and very little conflict. There is no need for money or compensation for our work other than our sense of achievement and the respect others give us. Humans have put racism, sexism and all manner of societal restrictions aside and have instead worked for peace and advancement. The humans are a part of a great confederation of planets that seek peace and free commerce. <br><br>You can choose to live a beautiful life on earth, pursuing whatever interests you have, or you can join the fleet and travel all around the worlds, serving the better good. It's a huge universe out there, and you are free to seek your own destiny, as long as you do no harm to others.
Welcome to Narnia! This is a universe like no other. A place full of both innocence and darkness, sweetness and peril. It is a place full of magic and magical creatures. A world where the animals themselves talk and the land itself may be alive. It is also a place of great spirituality and connection to the world and to the beings in it. The world itself seems to change and mold itself over and over again according to the creatures who rule it. <br><br>This world also includes our own world, connected to it in mysterious ways, but where a year passes in this world, merely a second passes in ours. Here you can be a great warrior, a king, a queen, a huntress, a magician or a priest. You can tour the land and befriend the animals, fight evil where you see it, and still go back to your own world without missing a beat.
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