Are You Smart Enough to Beat this Logic Test?

Are you someone who prides themselves on being a mastermind of logic puzzles, someone who thrives on the challenge of unraveling complex problems with just a dash of math and a whole lot of reasoning? If that description hits close to home, then you're in exactly the right place. We've crafted a test that is designed to not just tickle your brain but to stretch its limits. This is not just any ordinary puzzle; it's a gauntlet thrown down to see if you can truly claim the title of logic puzzle royalty. We wager that with your skills, you'll not only tackle these challenges head-on but also delight in the twists and turns we've prepared.
tossing a coin
You have just tossed a coin that has come up heads for the tenth time in a row. What is the probability that it will come up heads the next time, assuming the coin has not been tampered with?
interview woman
You are an employment manager in a land where there are only absolute liars and absolute truth tellers. An applicant comes in to see you and appears to be sincere. He tells you that the next interviewee has told him she is a liar. Is he lying or telling the truth?
Telling the truth
broken pencil and scribble
Which of the following scrambled words is the "odd one out" when the words are unscrambled?
dirt rally
Five men competed in a car race. There were no ties. Will did not come in first. John was neither first nor last. Joe came in one place after Will. James was not second. Walt was two places behind James. Who came first?
colorful numbers
What is the missing number in the following sequence? 3 7 15 ___ 63 127
Farmhouse pizza
If 40 pizza bakers can bake 20 pizzas in 2 hours, how many hours will it take 2 pizza bakers to make 10 pizzas?
25 hours
15 hours
20 hours
Sri Lankan fields
Ceylon is to Sri Lanka as Constantinople is to ______.
New Hampshire
New York
mother and ducklings
"Birds of a feather flock together" means what exactly?
People tend to congregate with others like themselves.
All songbirds stick together.
Birds without feathers are not accepted by birds with feathers.
Feathered birds get along well.
If you see a lot of birds together, they will probably be the same color.
family photo
If Sally's daughter is my son's mother, what relationship am I to Sally if I am male?
Son in law
snail on leaf
A snail is climbing out of a well. The well is 20 feet deep. Every day the snail climbs up 3 feet and every night he slips back two feet. How many days will it take the snail to get out of the well?
18 days
7 days
10 days
bulldog playing chess
Time to try again...
Oh dear, it seems as if you're not ready to pass this test right now. Well, contrary to popular belief, this isn't the end of the world. In fact - think of it as a beginning! Because the only place you can go from here is up. Keep training, and victory will one day be yours! Let's play again!
archery concept
You Passed!
Awesome job! While you didn't answer every single question correctly, you still managed to get enough right to pass this test. Perhaps you'd like to try a few other tests and quizzes soon, to further practice your logic!
100% on gold glitter
Perfect result! How is it that one person can be so unbelievably brilliant!? Be sure to keep taking tests like these, so that your vast intellect will never start to diminish, It would be a shame for such a mind to go to waste.
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