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Text messaging has become so common in today's society, there are people who almost never use the phone to actually call someone! With it, a whole culture of messaging has sprung up. What are YOUR messaging habits, and what do they say about your true mental age?
A friend who you aren't very close with sends you endless messages and you no longer have the strength to keep answering them. You...
Tell them we've talked enough and I no longer have the strength to continue
Just stop messaging them back
Make up excuses why I can't chat
Ask them to call me properly on the phone to discuss it
Social Funda
A friend sent you a bizarre sequence of emojis in a message, what will be your reaction?
Send my own illogical sequence back
I'll send a laughing face. They probably want to make me laugh.
Send them a question mark
Ignore it
Suppose you have just started a relationship and your new partner sends you a message asking what is going on with you, what will be your reaction?
I'll make them wait a bit then write back
Send a short message when I see theirs
Explain how my day is going and ask about theirs
Call them to tell them about my day
מבחן אישיות - גיל רגשי: איור של זוג במשבר זוגיות
Unfortunately this relationship did not progress as expected, and after a few months of contact your partner breaks up with you... via message. What will be your reaction?
I don't mind, it's convenient for both parties
Ignore the message, it doesn't merit a response
Send a message back to discover what is going on and why they want to separate
Call them immediately to talk
Someone sent you a link to a video that really doesn't interest you, what will be the message style they will get back from you?
"How is this thing relevant to me?"
"Thanks, I'll watch it later" (probably won't)
"Don't send me stuff like this."
Ignore it
A few minutes before your plans, your friend cancels via text message. What do you do?
Send them a sad or crying emoji
Ask them why in another message and if it's a good reason I'll understand
Ignore the message and keep on with my day
Ignore them until they call and then let them know this behavior is not OK
You were sent a large collection of photos from the last big family event you were at, what will you do with it?
I'll check out all the photos but only keep those of me and my close family
Look at all the photos and keep the best ones
I'll put them somewhere to look at later
I'll save them all and look at them often as well as share with others
A friend you're not not particularly close with sends you a message "I need urgent help!!!", what will be the style of message they will get back from you?
"What's going on?"
"Tell me what's wrong and I'll see what I can do."
"How can I help?"
You've been added to a social group for a big event coming up. You discover you can't go. What do you do?
Leave the group without saying anything
Post an apology that I can't make it and wish everyone a good time
Update everyone I can't go but keep being in the group in case something changes
Exit the group. If eventually I can come I'll join it again and make arrangements
You have received a very long text message on a topic related to your work, what will be your response?
Ignore it. If it's really important it would have been an email
Just skim it
Read it when I have some time
Read the whole thing as soon as I get it
If you had received a text message in the middle of the night that woke you up, what would have been your reaction?
Depends on who sent it
I will check what is written in the message and respond appropriately if it is something urgent, if not - I'll write that we will talk about it in the morning
I will look to see what the post is only if it is from a close person and I will only respond if it is on an important topic. If not - I will talk to the sender in the morning to tell him not to send me messages late at night
Ignore it and go back to sleep. If it was important they'd call
Your Mental Age is 18
According to your answers in this test, you have a young and impatient mind that takes life easy, but can also heats up quickly when someone angers or hurts you. There is nothing negative about this of course, even the opposite - people like you put a little "spice" into the lives of those around them and always know how to encourage their friends and family. It's true that sometimes you should slow down a bit and act more patiently or in moderation, but it could very well be that it's just not your style... Even if these tendencies may lead you the wrong way sometimes, we're sure you have the strength and energy to recover and engage in what really excites you.
Your Mental Age is 29
According to your answers in this test, you have a relatively young mind, but not one that never grew up. You still know when to act with restraint or act according to what is expected of your age. The way you have chosen to respond to messages in this test also indicates that you know more or less what you want from life, what you love and how you'd like to express yourself through your behavior. Even so, owning such a mind as yours is beyond the reach of the average person. To be honest there is no problem with such behavior from time to time - you deserve to enjoy this life and you are allowed to let yourself act like a young and excited person. As long as your main focus remains on the things that truly matter, your future is promising and your life will be full of many moments of childlike joy alongside more relaxed experiences, because yours is a balanced view, that is young at heart but mature in brain.
Your Mental Age is 50
According to your answers in this test, your emotional age is mature, which is reflected in a calm, restrained personality and good coping mechanisms to deal with life's challenges. Your mind knows what things to get excited about and what is not worth the effort and excitement on your part. Thanks to this characteristic, the people around you probably know very well that in a time of need they can always get good advice or important help from you, one that comes from experience and smarts. As for your own life, we guess that most of the time they are in a balanced state that allows you to focus on things that are important to you and not just engage in different tasks, other people's troubles and long text correspondences that probably bore you most of the time. You appreciate some of the things new technology has brought, but you miss a lot about the world we left behind before internet and mobile phones.
Your Mental Age is 65
According to your answers in this test, your emotional age is more mature, but there is nothing negative about that. In fact, it's evidence that you have a lot of positive qualities that other people would like to be blessed with. You have a patient nature and a willingness to spend time on things that really matter, whether it's a long phone call, a long correspondence or a face-to-face meeting with beloved friends and family (which is probably your preferred form of communication). You take the long view of things, you look at the big picture. You usually have no problem talking or commenting on something that bothers you, and you probably also will not cooperate with activities or behaviors that are not to your liking. People like you know very well what they want, how to deal with challenges and what is really important in life, so we encourage you to continue to act as you wish, and try to be patient with people who have not yet reached your level of maturity.
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