What Kind of Dog Would You Be?

There are literally hundreds of types of dogs. From the tiny Chihuahua to the Great Dane, every dog breed has its own temperament, its own likes and dislikes - and its own set of skills and challenges. Humans are not that different, we all have our temperament, shortcomings and advantages. So, what dog breed would you be, if you suddenly grew two more legs and a tail? Take our quiz to find out!
Which house would your prefer to live in?
What do you look for in a best friend?
To never be separated!
Someone to play or do sports with.
Someone who's loyal, but gives me space.
Someone who is good at preparing food.
Someone who is protective and comforting.
Which historical time would you most like to visit?
The founding of America.
La Belle ?poque (1871-1914) in Europe.
The Victorian Era
Ancient Egypt
The 1920s
Ancient Rome or Greece
What do you do on Saturday mornings?
Errands, seeing the doctor - as much as I can do!
Sleeping in.
Whatever everyone else is doing, I'm in!
Getting a hair cut, or a new outfit.
Hiking, biking or anything that lets me throw myself around with abandon.
How would you describe how well you maintain your hair's appearance?
I take hours getting my hair right every day.
I give it a comb, then forget about it.
I make myself presentable.
Do people 'get you', are or are you quite often misunderstood?
People understand me fairly well.
People don't know the real me at all.
How would your friends describe you?
Kind, helpful
If someone asked you how they should live the best possible life, what would you advise them?
To find a significant other.
Work hard.
Live life to the full.
To leave a great legacy behind you.
Get as many treats as possible.
Your house needs renovating. Will you do the work yourself? Or will you hire the best man for the job instead?
Myself. I'll save loads of money.
Hire someone else!
If you could choose, what different job would you choose for yourself?
Join the army
I'd rather not work
An assistant
Start a business
Work with kids
Pro athlete
Saint Bernard
Boston Terrier
Pit Bull
Golden Retriever
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