How Do Other People See You?

A famous psychologist once said: "We are what we think others think we are." What he meant was we often model ourselves according to how we think others perceive us. But more often than not, we don't really know how others perceive our behavior. This quiz, through a few pointed questions, may just surprise you with its insights about how you may be perceived by others.
At what time of the day do you feel you are at your best?
In the morning.
Early in the evening, or afternoon.
Late at night.
It varies.
You tend to walk...
Quickly, with big steps.
Quickly, with small steps.
Slowly, with head up, facing the world head on.
Slowly, with head down.
Extremely slowly.
When you talk with others, you usually...
Stand with arms folded.
With hands clasped.
With one or both hands on your hips.
Touching or pushing the person you're speaking with.
Fidgeting, playing with your face or hair.
As you relax, you sit with...
Knees bent and legs neatly side by side.
Legs crossed.
Your legs stretched out straight.
A leg curled underneath yourself.
When you are very amused, you...
Let out a big laugh.
Laugh, but quietly.
You chuckle quietly.
Smile, sheepishly.
If you go to a party or social event, you...
Make a big entrance that everyone notices.
Enter quietly, and look for someone you know.
Enter very quietly, so no one will notice you.
If, when you are working and concentrating hard, you're interrupted, you...
Are pleased at the break.
Feel quite annoyed.
Sometimes you're pleased, sometime irritated.
Which of these colors most attracts you?
Yellow/light blue
Dark blue/purple
In bed, just before you fall asleep, you...
Lie stretched out on your back.
You are stretched out lying face down on your belly.
Lie on your side, a little curled up.
Lie with your head resting on your arm.
Lie with your head under the covers.
Quite often, you dream that you're...
Struggling, or fighting.
Looking for something or someone.
Floating or flying.
Nothing. You usually don't dream.
You always have happy dreams.
The Dominant Leader
The Natural Leader
The Lively Center of Attention
The Loyal Friend
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