Are You Predictable?

There are people who have to plan their entire life path in advance, and there are those who prefer to go with the flow and see where life takes them. Have you ever wondered what kind of person YOU are? Do even your friends know what your next step is before you take it, or do you never stop surprising them with the things you do and say? Answer the following 12 questions and find out!
Are you a predictable person: a sum on a plate
How do you decide what to eat for dinner?
I have meals planned for the whole week
I have a general idea, but if someone offers to order something I will go with it
I decide according to what I feel like at that moment
When you start reading a book or watching a new series - how does it go?
Reads or watches one episode every day - usually at the same time
Sometimes I read or watch several episodes in a row and sometimes only one
I watch and read whenever I can - it will probably take me a good few weeks to finish, if I even get to the end
Are you a predictable person: clothes on a rack
How would your friends describe your clothing style?
A style that suits me
Fashionable style
Eclectic and unique style
Are you a predictable person: A woman is talking on the phone
A friend called you and arranged to meet with you in an hour - what is your likely response?
"Sorry, I already have plans."
"Any chance we can postpone it for another two hours?"
"Sure, I'm leaving!"
Are you a predictable person: marking a circle around the thirtieth day of the month
When you are given a certain assignment with a deadline of a month, when will you start doing it?
I will break it down into small tasks and start right away
I will dedicate a thought project for several days and start it gradually throughout the month
I will probably wait until the last minute and the adrenaline will motivate me to complete the task on time
Are you an expected person: a band in concert
Your favorite band or singer has scheduled a show next week in your city - what will you do?
There's no way I can go to a show on such short notice
I will check my diary and if this evening is free I will buy a ticket
Even if I have something planned for that evening, I will skip it and go to the concert
Are you a predictable person: a crafting kit
A friend brought you an art kit as a gift - how will you start using it?
I will watch a YouTube video that explains how to use it
I will read the booklet that comes with it and try the basic techniques myself
I will try to do what I think is necessary with her - whatever comes out comes out
Are you a predictable person: a person reading news on a tablet
Where do you tend to catch up on the news?
From a big and familiar source that I trust
I have several sources that I keep up to date with
I usually find out about news through social media
Are you a predictable person: people singing into a microphone
You have been invited to a karaoke night - what will you sing?
A song I know and love
A duet with one of my best friends
Whatever they put on me - the main thing is that I have the microphone
Are you a predictable person: supplies and a notebook
You found a recipe that you really liked - how would you prepare it?
I will first check what the required ingredients are and buy them all before I start
I will make sure I have the required ingredients, and if not, I will look for suitable substitutes
I will use the recipe as a source of inspiration, and make it my own way
Are you a predictable person: A woman in a bookstore
You enter a bookstore - which books will you look at?
I will review the books of my favorite authors
I will examine the books in my favorite genre
I will examine the books on sale
Are you a predictable person: travel map
How do you usually prepare for vacation?
I prepare a detailed travel plan for each day
I decide which places I want to visit, and try to get to all of them if possible
I order a ticket and whatever happens - an adventure awaits me!
You are quite predictable!
Are you a predictable person: a clock on the brain and a screen divided into night and day
According to the answers you gave, it seems that you are a person who prefers frameworks and consistency. Routine is your best friend, and you find comfort in knowing what awaits you, even if it's the same thing that awaited you the day before. It's hard to catch you off guard because you prepare for every possible scenario, which means you can also be counted on to always be the one who knows how to get out of any trouble. While this is a very important ability, you must learn to be a little more spontaneous at times, because that way new and exciting things will happen in your life that will show you that they have a lot more to offer you. If you enjoyed the test don't forget to share it with your friends!
You go with the flow...
Are you a predictable person: River
In your life there is a balance between routine and spontaneity, and too much of either is not really for you. You prefer to be prepared for events and the future in general, but leave yourself room to flow with what comes. You are an adaptable person who understands the fact that you cannot prepare for everything in life, and that you must learn to enjoy surprises as well. From your experience you know that as long as you flow with what comes, it can take you to places you didn't expect, and that you might not necessarily want to find yourself in. This is a great approach to life, and all we can say is keep it up. If you enjoyed the test don't forget to share it with your friends!
You're a joker!
Are you a predictable person: Joker card
You are a completely spontaneous person, and in fact, planning is not your forte, because you believe in living in the moment and crossing the bridge when you get to it. You actually like the thrill that comes with the unexpected, and a routine can bore you very quickly, mainly because it's so predictable. Life for you is an adventure that you can't tell where it will take you, just remember that even for an adventure you need to prepare accordingly, this is to prevent yourself from unnecessary pressure later on. If you enjoyed the test don't forget to share it with your friends!
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