If You Were a Ruler, What Kind Would You be?

I'm sure we've all wondered at times: What kind of leaders we would have been if power and fate had put them in our hands, or if we lived in historical times as royalty. Would we act the way we do now, or would it change us? What kind of leader hides within you?
Sad woman
How is the woman in this photo feeling?
I don't care
If you discover someone close to you has been lying to you, what do you do?
Repay them in kind
Stay quiet, but never forget
Disassociate myself from them
Attempt to understand why they did it and try to repair the relationship
two people talking
When you have something important to announce to people, how would you do it?
Make a post in social media for everyone to read
Invite people to my house to talk
Ask someone to do it for me
Send a personal message to a select group of people
Old camera
Which of the following photos do you like the most?
classic car
people rafting in the river
arm wrestling
Colorful pencils
Which of the following colors do you prefer?
Work presentation
A hypothetical: Your supervisor at work is sick for a few days. What do you do?
Take over his responsibilities in addition to my own
Take his place to do his work
Discuss a solution with the rest of the workers
Continue to do my work
Food in the fridge
When you get home hungry and there's no food in the fridge, what do you do?
Prepare a meal with the ingredients I have
Order the food I like
Get someone at home to make me something
Go out to eat at a restaurant I like
man with items
If you had to give away all your possessions but one, which of the following would you keep?
My wallet
I couldn't choose just one
My cellphone
My house
woman standing in front of landscape
Out of the following options, which is closest to the way others see you?
people eating at a restaurant
You're eating with friends at a new place but the food is really not to your liking. what do you do?
Recommend others not to go
Give some feedback to the waitress privately
Complain to the manager
Finish my meal and not tip
With which of the following animals do you identify the most?
Cake with candles
You're planning a surprise party for your spouse's birthday. What will you take care of first?
Food and drink
Guest list
Tell the neighbors not to tell
Decide on a venue
People fighting
You find out a work colleague you really don't like is about to get fired, do you warn them in advance?
Which of the following is most important to you in a work place?
Promotion opportunities
Wages and compensations
Environment and atmosphere
Getting as much responsibility as possible
Turns out there is a little despot living inside you! You have a tendency to apply the rule of law and order to many areas of life, and you're quite good at it. You understand structure and rules. However, people around you might think you rely on these things too much, and you should listen to them as well. Use your dominance to solve difficult situations, not to get your way.
You could have been a great emperor! You welcome responsibility and dive head on into challenges others would avoid. You have the ability to juggle many different things and do them all well. You have great strategic potential, but don't get too used to the power. Sometimes others need to be heard as well.
king chess piece
Your Majesty! You don't spurn responsibility, but you don't love it either. You are good at delegating and know how to pick others for their skills. You have the ability to enjoy some of the better things in life and you may spend on yourself a bit more than you should at times. You are an inspiring figure, and people respect you.
The presidency calls to you! You have natural leadership qualities and a character that inspires others around you. You can attract people to you, deal with emergencies and above all, know how to be social and get everyone working together. So, are you going to run for office?
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