What Kind Of Heart Do You Have?

The heart has always been considered to be an organ that controls our character and our feelings, and although it is now known that the brain is actually responsible for all this, the limbic organ still has great significance. The qualities that we attach to the heart often lead us to describe other people with concepts such as "warm-hearted", "black-hearted" and other phrases that help us summarize the way we see others, and sometimes ourselves. The next quiz will help you discover what heart you have, and you will be surprised to discover how much will be revealed about your character...
An optical illusion in which two elderly people look at each other with other elements around them
What is the first thing you see in the picture before you?
An elderly couple looking at each other
Two guitar players
A woman walking through the door
A golden cup
woman with her head in her hands
Which of the following concerns you more than the rest?
My financial situation
The situation of people who are less fortunate
The safety of the people closest to me
My uncertain future
womens legs hanging out of a car window
What do you do to relax in your spare time?
Travel in my country or abroad
Hang out with friends
Spend time with my family
Meet with a good friend for a meal
A woman at work
Which of the following places would you most like to be now?
Big city
A snowy village
Cruise ship
man hidden behind a tall pile of boxes
A person you know recently asked you for help moving. How do you respond?
Of course, I agree to help
Tell them I don’t have time to help but I’ll look for someone to replace me
Agree and even bring friends to help as well
I’d probably refuse, I don’t know them that well
icon of a man with a megaphone
A person in a position of authority (manager, teacher, policeman) raises their voice
Raise my voice, too
Ask them to lower their voice
Listen and respond after they finish
Try to stay away from them as much as possible
a tree in a field with the sun setting over it
Which of the following is most important to you?
Independence and freedom to decide
The ability to understand quickly
The ability to connect with others
The ability to solve problems quickly
the hands of two women having coffee together
Complete the following sentence in the manner that best fits your character: "I can understand how a person feels ..."
When I manage to get him to talk
Without him uttering a word
After a few sentences
After I have asked specifically what happened
a man in a suit pointing at the camera
If your employer had to describe you, which of the following sentences would he use to do so?
A fun person to work with
A person who understands what they want in life
A person that others want to emulate
A person who does his job accurately
a woman's palms holding a wad of cash
You donated a large sum of money to charity and in return, they want to inscribe your name on a donor board. How do you respond?
It doesn’t matter to me, they can do what they want
I'd love to be recognized for my effort
I would be happy that this might encourage others to do the same
I would politely refuse. I prefer to give to others without everyone knowing about it
the back of a hood man sitting on a sidewalk at night
How do you express your opinion when someone does something that bothers you?
Tell them how I feel, sincerity is the way to go
Try to weigh my words before responding
Depends on who it is
I’d ignore them and keep my opinions to myself
drawing of a boy nd girl with a puppy between them
When you were younger, how did you behave when you liked someone?
Told them how I felt
Sent love notes
Tried to spend as much time with them as possible
I was usually embarrassed and did not say how I felt
You have a free and liberated heart
hearts floating in the air
You are a person who does not believe in different social limitations, and prefers to be honest and free than hesitant and shut off. You like to test your boundaries sometimes, and that's exactly what other people like and are attracted to about you. Your free heart does not like to be bound by restrictive conventions and situations and so you look for adventure, big or small, every time you need a shake in routine. This heart is a magnet for people who aspire to be free but are afraid to do so in the same way as you do.
You have a loving and sensitive heart
two fingers with a heart drawn on them
Sometimes others have to pick their words carefully around because you have a sensitive heart, but it is only because it loves people and wants to be treated in a similar way. You are quick to understand the people surrounding you and can decipher their emotions before they utter a word, and that is the source of your magic. Your sensitive heart radiates out the love you feel for your environment, and people want to be near you because they know you can be trusted in times of need.
You have an open and accepting heart
two palms with hearts on them
There are people who would call you “naive”, but this is only because you prefer to see the positive aspects of people and tend to ignore their flaws. You tend to wholeheartedly help others, which makes you sometimes sacrifice yourself, and you should also think of yourself from time to time. Alongside that, you accept others with a smile and open arms, and for you, every person comes with a clean slate regardless of their past, which makes your heart large and particularly accepting.
You have a hard-to-penetrate heart
red lock and key with a heart on it
Your heart does not open to others easily, but the few who have managed to penetrate your barriers know that the effort is definitely worthwhile. It seems that the same heart has been hurt by people in the past, which made you develop a hard shell for others, at least until, you can develop trust in them and appreciate them. Once that happens, they stay in your life and you love them with all your heart, even if it's hard for you to express it. This latent vulnerability is obvious to all who really know you, and they know that under that tough shell there is a loving heart that expresses itself in a slightly different way than usual.
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