Can We Guess Which Generation You Are?

I knew I was a person of my time and generation, but I didn't know a simple 12 question quiz could work out my generation so accurately as this one just did. This personality quiz really got me thinking about the little differences that separate people of different ages. They are not big things that really matter a whole lot, but things like our choice in food, music, leisure and attitudes to life, really shape our personalities. Try yourself and see what generation your personality truly belongs to: it's even possible that you might be surprised to find you share personality traits typical of a much older or younger generation than your own! To get the most accurate and illuminating results from this personality quiz, please answer honestly and quickly.
How do you feel about higher education?
What a waste of money!
It's a privilege, not a right.
It brings great experience and opportunities
I can learn everything online
What do you do when you want to socialise?
Go to the pub/bar
Go out for dinner
Go to a music concert (gig)
Use social media
What does a good dinner look like to you?
Which activity do you prefer?
Going for a relaxing drive
Riding a fast motorcycle
Riding a skateboard
Riding your bicycle
What do you value most in life?
Freedom of Expression
How do you feel about the police?
They are the representatives of the law and must be obeyed
It is important to respect those who protect you
I don't trust them
They are a corrupt and dangerous organisation in need of reform
What is your worst habit?
How many books did you read last year?
More than I can remember
Quite a lot
A couple, I think
Books are boring
Which type of building do you prefer?
A cathedral
A modern home
A club
A mall
What’s a good vacation for you?
A package tour of old Europe
Backpacking on trains
Go somewhere remote and unheard of
A Beach party
On average, how many hours do you sleep per night?
What does 'work' mean for you?
An adventure
A challenge
A means to an end
Something I can do from home
Baby Boomer
Congratulations! Your responses suggest that you align with the Baby Boomer generation, those born between 1946 and 1964. As a Baby Boomer, you are part of a generation that experienced significant societal change and progress. You likely value hard work, dedication, and loyalty. You're known for your strong work ethic and resilience, having grown up during the post-war era. Baby Boomers are often seen as pioneers, who've paved the way for many societal advancements. You typically exhibit optimism and a "can-do" attitude that inspires those around you. Though technology may sometimes seem challenging, your willingness to learn and adapt is commendable. Embrace the richness of your experiences and wisdom - they are truly invaluable.
Generation X
Your answers suggest you resonate with Generation X, born between 1965 and 1980. As a Gen Xer, you've often acted as a bridge between the analog and digital worlds, which has made you adaptable and resourceful. Your generation is marked by an independent spirit, self-reliance, and a knack for problem-solving. You've experienced a unique blend of cultural and technological shifts, which has given you a balanced perspective on life. Known for your entrepreneurial spirit, you've been instrumental in shaping today's corporate culture. If sometimes you feel overlooked between the Baby Boomers and Millennials, remember your unique position and the important societal balance you provide.
Based on your responses, it appears you align with the Millennial generation, those born between 1981 and 1996. As a Millennial, you're known for your tech-savviness, adaptability, and open-mindedness. Your generation is often marked by its optimism, ambition, and desire to make a positive impact on the world. You grew up alongside the internet, making you a digital native and a pro at navigating the online world. You value experiences, diversity, and creative expression. Though often labeled as 'entitled' or 'job-hoppers', it's your drive for meaningful work and balanced life that's reshaping workplaces globally. Your innovative spirit and resilience continue to shape the world in new and exciting ways.
Generation Z
Your answers suggest you're part of Generation Z, born between 1997 and 2012. As a Gen Zer, you're truly a digital native, born into a world where technology is a given, not a novelty. You're known for your entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, and social awareness. Your generation is the most diverse yet, and you value inclusivity, authenticity, and social justice. Gen Zers are innovative, tech-intuitive, and ready to change the world. However, with the world at your fingertips, you may sometimes feel overwhelmed by the constant influx of information. Remember, it's okay to unplug and take a breath. Your adaptability, empathy, and keen sense of global responsibility are shaping a brighter future.
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